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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beyond Buttercups

The glimmer of sun
Has barely touched the tree tops
And then there's grayness.

One rhododendron
Has reached its full flowering;
The rest are still buds.

Beyond buttercups
The quiet pond lies waiting
For traveling geese.

Late blooming lilacs
Have little understanding
That there time is past.

First the road grows dim;
Then the sun captures shadows;
Then they fade again.

Coming from nowhere
Shadows materialize
On the rough tree trunk.

Gentle mullein plant
Stands as if at attention--
So straight, yet so soft.

Hopping and pecking,
Tiny bird crosses the road
(To reach other side).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nothing Moves Fast Now

Warm smell of the sun
As it falls upon the grass
Chickens keep clucking.

In my own front yard
There are many mysteries.
The drift wood owl stands.

Air is thick and hot;
Birds sit motionless on wire.

Unseen insects buzz.

Van spins through shadows
Hurtling towards me, then is past,
Leaving one bird chirp.

Everything has grown.
Even dandelion puffs
Look new in in the sun.

Silently ahead
Fawn saunters across the road.
Nothing moves fast now.

Sudden gentle breeze
Lifts leaves and cools my forehead
Just for an instant.

Gilda's at the stream.
Nothing beats the cool water
When you've a fur coat.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Coming or Going?

Suddenly there's light;
Morning grayness dissipates,
Except inside me.

Dog breaks the silence;
A bird swoops into the barn;;

Lone bee buzzes past.

Dandelion stand--
Gray and puffed, once was yellow;
When did this happen?

An immense leafy plant
Stands by the side of the stream,
Spreading its thick leaves.

Now the smell is sweet;
Flowers and warming earth scent
Enjoyed by the bee.

A puffy gray cone
In the middle of the woods;
Coming or going?

Two crows arguing,
Joined by a group of others.
Then, the fight's over.

A frothy white foam
In the crotch of the slender twig--
Mystery plant spit.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gossamer Hitch Hike

Near my own driveway,
A jungle of green ferns grow,
Billowing outward.

Afternoon shadows;
The whisper of a warm breeze;
I breathe in the calm.

In Laura's backyard,
Thousands of white flowers bloom;
In front, there's purple.

Flashing through the air,
White seed puffs ride on the breeze--
Gossamer hitch hike.

Rising through sunlight
Dove lands on a low tree branch,
Becomes silhouette.

Sun starts descending;
Leaves are illuminated;
Forest takes a breath.

Mysterious path
Lights up at the end of day,
To guide the fairies.

As the sun goes down
Mosquitoes begin their hum--
First creatures of night.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Gray Party Day

My rhododendron
Blooming full, lifts my spirits
This gray party day.

Burst of bird chatter;
Then the hum of some machine;
Cat in the driveway.

Giant spiked grass mound;
Mirrors in the rushing stream;
Jungle ferns near road.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Made Mysterious

I open the door;
Am greeted by the rooster
Who crows at the sun.

Slowly unfolding,
Violet rhododendron bud
Greets the morning sun.

Buttercup cluster
Shining in the morning dew;
New purple clover.

Single blue flower
Stands above the bubbling stream;
Bright sun shines through it.

Through the broken fence;
Window on the lawn beyond,
Made mysterious.

Sweet scent in the woods;
Wafting from sun dappled woods,

Triggers memories.

Already turning
Yellowed leaves lie among green.
Presence of King Death.

Tip of the ivy
Reaches up telephone pole.
Will stop at the sky.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

They Don't Make Any Noise

Nothing like bright sun
Breaking through the bushy leaves
To lift the spirits.

Rain has run its course;
The sky is bright blue again.
Buttercups smiling.

It's a yellow day;
Dandelions, buttercups
Ruling the roadside.

Darkness of the woods
Heightened by patches of sun
And unseen bird chirps.

What spirits live here,
Hiding in the lawn's shadows;
Dancing out of sight?

Why are shadows still?
They don't make any noise
Even when they fall.

A friendly kitty
Stops to say "Hi" and get scratched,
Then trots on her way.

Lying in shadows
Tire still has no place to go.
Smoke from passing car.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a Pastorale

Red plastic chair
Sticks out in the morning gloom
Like painted clown face.

Goats, cows, chickens, cat
Hang out together near barn.
What a pastorale!

Pale greenish yellow,
Lichen looks ancient on trees
Even when it's new.

Windshield's reflection
Under gray overcast sky.
I can't see folks wave.

Big three leafed clover
Flourishes in rain and sun
Doesn't need fourth leaf.

In lush greenery
Small leaves grow without pigment.
Are they albino?

Avoiding the sun,
Flower turns to face tree trunk.
It got something wrong.

Standing side by side
Three plants embrace each other--
A new tarot card.