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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two doves on a wire;
The third dove has flown away.
Bird monogamy.

Purple, white and green;
Lilacs contrast with the trees.
There is no conflict.

Two doves on the road
Fly away and then return.
It is courtship time.

The fence is falling;
Tree leaves entwine bent links.
It's nature's embrace.

The dark, dead tree stump
Alive with moss and flowers;
Sculpture in the woods.

Flash of blue feathers;
The bird flies behind the tree;
Then disappears.

May breeze in my ear
Brings faint hollow memories
Like a large sea shell.

Standing in the road
Deer stares intently at me
Then goes on its way

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now it's lilac time;
Lavender and white compete;
Bird flies from the bush.

The field is clipped neat--
Timna's bat mitzvah here soon.
Robins peck the grass.

Sky is full of gray;
A cold wind blows down the road.
A hard rain will fall.

Chain saw is humming;
Empty wrapper on the road.
A cold May morning.

Vaulted trees ahead
Touch their tips above the road,
Make a green tunnel.

Thousands of white buds
Spread across the forest bank
Waiting to blossom.

Rain is in the air;
Maple leaves are trembling;
Lilacs bow and sway.

The woods seem deeper,
The stone wall goes on and on
Into the darkness.

Carried on the wind:
The whispered breath of lilacs
And the hope of rain.

Gray clouds, sun patches,
Shivering rustling leaves;
A fragrant wind blows.

A flash of yellow:
Finch flutters to the tree top
And joins the green leaves.

White petals flutter;
Pale lilac bends in the breeze
Broadcasting its smell.

Truck groans up the hillLeaving a gasoline smell.
Then the woods return.

The deep, dappled woods--
Shiny puddles here and there.
Smell of moist, warm earth.

Shadows on the road;
Bird calls monotonously;
Fly hums in my ear.

Now the road is dark;
A hawk flies beneath the cloud
Just a silhouette.

Now stream is rushing,
Tinkling next to the road.
Now the bed is dry.

Shadow in the woods
Still, dark and mysterious--
A dog or tree stump?

Purring lawn mower
Moves swiftly across the field.
Sweet smell of cut grass.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The thick smell of rain;
Robin flies to the bush top;
Everything's muted.

Yellow newspaper,
Crumpled soggy in the grass;
A bird's wings flutter.

Baseball on the lawn
Abandoned by its owners
Awaits with patience.

Small sprinkle of blue
Lights up a patch in the woods;
Counter to the green.

Thick gray sky holds promise;
The woods are muted and still;
Small van moves slowly.

Clusters of white buds
Hang their heads at the road's edge;
Soon they will burst forth.

Lavender clusters
Waft off whispered memories:
Voice of the lilacs.

The shiny green vine
Twists gently up the phone pole;
Whoops! It's poison ivy.

Road sign says "Our Road";
On it some gleaming water.
Is it "Our Puddle"?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Green leaves on bare trees
Sprouting as if by magic.
Not there yesterday?

Rooster crows loudly;
He knows not the flower's names
(And neither do I).

The stream moves faintly
As if it enjoys the sun.
What's not to enjoy?

Lilacs are budding;
Forsythia is dying.
The parade of Spring.

The woods look witchy;
Spring shadows and fairy light;
Movement in stillness.

Dandelion puffs
Stream gently above the road.
Passing travelers.

Woods are thick with green;
Sunlight filters through the laves
And falls in shadows.

Tiny blue flowers
Sprout in clusters in the shade
Draw my eyes to them.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Forsythia blooms
Now lie scattered on the ground.
Where has the time gone?

Dandelion heads:
Yellow sprinkles by the road;
One is a gray puff.

The little Shih Tzu
Bark and bounce against window.
It's more fun outside.

Calmness on the road;
Birds hoot softly in the woods;
Waves of insect songs.

Dead raccoon is gone;
A dark patch marks where it was.
Just the smell remains.

Pine shaped air freshener
Lying face down on the road
Imitates nature.

Air is taffy sweet;
Breeze brings grass and flower smells--
School's end memories.

Path into the woods
Covered with brown pine needles
Touched by soft sunlight.

A soft white seed puff
Floats and twirls above the road
Riding on the breeze.