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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Walk Shadowed Road

Weed in my front yard;
It was not there yesterday.
Will it tomorrow?

In the field, wood posts;
Do fences make good neighbors?
No. Just good fences.

Growing in the shade
Delicate blue flowers bloom.
No excess sun here.

Now lilacs wilt;
Bright purple gives way to brown.
Butterfly floats by.

Bright golden flowers
Happily soak up the sun.
Exchange of color.

Suddenly a breeze
Gently shakes and shivers leaves;
Suddenly is gone.

Glowing golden hairs
Rest upon small white petals.
Is this a flower?

On left, sunny field;
On my right a darkened woods.
I walk shadowed road.

[I have always posted the haiku on the day that I have written them. This one is the exception. I walked and wrote on May 30 but posted them today. Today was a very different day, cloudy, sunny, rainy, thunderstorms.]

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shaking the Shadows

Sun shines through the trees;
Green leaves become translucent;
Sweet smell of manure.

Old party balloons
Hang from the telephone pole.
Time for new party.

Loud banging in the woods--
Metal crane thumps for water;
Unslakable thirst.

Deep in the dark woods

Bright patch of light blue flowers.
Behind, a crow calls.

Hidden in the woods
Bird softly warbles its song.
Breeze shakes the shadows.

Grove of deep blue trees
Stands at the edge of the woods,
Just three inches tall.

On a forest hill
Back lit by the rising sun
Tree stretches its limbs.

My gray muzzled friend
Doesn't romp with his brother
But waits on the road.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Always the Shadows

The lilacs are out,
A purple haze in my yard;
A breeze brings sweetness.

Forsythia's gone,.

Robins hop in fresh mowed field.
Shadows are deeper.

Bluebells by the stream;
Animal rustles unseen;
Lazy insects hum.

Soft lawn of shadows
Leads up to the quiet house--
A most peaceful glade.

Always the shadows
Etch darkness on road and trees,
Celebrating light.

A patch of sunlight
Lights up tiny blue flowers,
Or vice versa.

Goose honks overhead;
The road returns to silence;
(Only my footsteps).

Nodding in the breeze
Yellow buds sway back and forth;
Below--clover patch.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Only the Spring

Rooster crows at sun;
Lilacs bloom in my front yard.
Rooster crows again.

Latke's like a rug:
Schnauzer's lying in the grass
As deep as he can.

Children are chanting;
Their words do not have meaning.
It's only the spring.

Green umbrella leaves

Let the glowing sunlight through.
Oriole flies by.

Round mushrooms growing?
Or an upside down skateboard?
Doesn't matter now.

Like a dark pebble
Insect sits upon the road
With its wings folded.

Hollow woodpecker
Is echoed by another
In a higher pitch.

Humming in the air;
Unseen insects are singing;
One of them zooms by.

Chihuahua in sun
Stands small and still with ears up;
Will battle dragon.

Gentle lawn is still
Soft shadows come there to rest.
Only birds make sounds.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

They Will Not Be Rushed

Forsythia's gone;
Petals scattered on the ground
With beer bottle top.

Rooster calls again,

He does not expect answers,
Just wants to be heard.

Tiny blue flowers
Have sprung up in the wood's shade,
Shy against yellow.

Opening slowly
Lilac buds turn into blooms.
They will not be rushed.

There in the forest
A clear sunlit blue clearing--
Patch of bright flowers.

On dying pine tree
Tiny bird sits quietly
Melting into brown.

Shadows on the road,
Sunlight paints the trees and leaves;
My mind keeps blabbing.

Dog barks far away;
Bugs fly through the beams of sun;
A soft hollow breeze.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Singing Loud Their Praise

Morning after rain
Sun shines in the clear washed woods;
Water drops on leaf.

Small violet flowers;
Thousand clusters in the tree,
Hide among themselves.

Yellow and purple:
Fallen forsythia blooms
Frame the small flowers.

Sitting in the woods
Abandoned furniture rests.
Green springs around it.

A cluster of ferns
Huddled together in shade
Sprang up silently.

Among blue flowers
Small purple petals emerge.
You have to look close.

A green star cluster
Bursts with many pointed rays.
(It's only a weed).

The tree is humming;
Bees move among white petals
Singing loud their praise.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fleeting Illusions

Striped fat bumblebee
Floats lightly over flowers
Under a gray sky.

Nestled in the grass
Yellow and blue side by side;
They do not compete.

Yellow, all yellow--
Legions of dandelions
Take over the field.

Flutter in the woods--
Movement near the dead brown leaves:
Invisible bird.

Soft blue gray silence;
Sun is hiding behind clouds,
Popping in and out.

Against giant tree

Miniature forest grows;
(Only time will tell).

Hiding in the woods
Small blue flowers catch my eyes.
Fleeting illusions.

Moments before rain
Air is soft, warm and still;
Birds chirp endlessly.