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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Flecks of bright sunlight
Sparkle gaily on the snow;
One cloud on deep blue.

A dark stream mirror
Breaks through the thick snow layer.
What does it reflect?

A basso dog barks
Followed by a yippy yip;
Gleeful bird twitters.

A rain of snow clods
Tumble from the tall fir tree
And land with a hush.

Black crow on blue sky
Hushed falling snow clods, bird chirp:
Winter media.

Sun and snow sprinkles
Falling softly through the air
Don't even whisper.

The slender birch tree
Casts its shadow on the snow--
Black from white on white.

Monday, February 26, 2007

White snow frosted trees
Stand etched against the gray sky.
Two birds sit high up.

Acrid wood smoke smell
Floats over the field of snow.
One bird breaks the hush.

Now one ornament
Hangs alone from the mailbox.
Soon it, too, will drop.

A cloud of snow dust
Brushes lightly from the tree
And makes not a sound.

Sudden burst of white:
Fallow snow clods from the trees.
Motion in the woods.

Dark hole in the rock--
A mysterious deep cave
Carved for centuries.

Everything's frosted white:
Phone wires, tree limbs, and house roofs,
Even the dead leaves.

A loud hollow grind:
The snow plow roars down the road,
Then silence returns.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The blinding white light
Absorbed in the field of snow
Cut through by shadows.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gray clouds and white snow;
The snow bank is splashed with grime;
Birds sail to their trees.

Dog turds in the snow
Stand out in the blank white field,
Frozen where they lie.

Snow in the driveway
Blocks the entrance to the house--
Winter vacancy.

The pale tree fungus
Juts out above the snow field.
Which one is whiter?

A crow in the woods
Croaks at something or other;
But nothing answers.

Sun touches the road
Bringing the shadows to life;
Then it disappears.

Tiny icicles
Hanging from the ancient rock--
Each measuring time.

Sign stands in the snow:
"For Sale" but still no buyers;
Next to used pill box.

The stream has vanished
Covered completely by the snow.
Its sound is gone too.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gray clouds rule the sky;
Wind, ice and snow rule the earth;
The road is empty.

Light breaks through now;
The road is splashed with sunlight;
Snow becomes brighter.

Swing is full of snow,
Hanging over the white lawn
Waiting for a push.

A voice in the wind
Echoes, whirling through the woods.
Is it man or beast?

Two yellow patches
Side by side on the snow bank--
A doggy winter.

The ancient gray rocks
Peer out beneath the thick snow;
They've seen it before.

Black dog on the snow
Prances and bounces with glee--
Cartoon character.

Trees bend, pop, and groan
Shivering in the ice wind
Then rustle softly.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lines of sleet falling
Give sound to the silent snow.
All the world is white.

Snow cloud blows off barn,
Dances lightly in the air
And then whisps away.

Stream has disappeared;
In its place endless white
And the sound of sleet.

Houses are all hushed;
Yellow lights burn as beacons
In the endless white.

Wind sounds like a car
Barreling down its own roads
Never to be seen.

Not a speck of sun,
Just the darkness and the whiteness
And the roaring wind.

A snow plow drives by
Padded in the thick whiteness.
Even trucks are soft.

The skipping brown leaf
Slides to a stop on the snow.
Waits for the next gust.

A distant trickle
Far beneath the thick white snow--
Stream is surviving.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The receding snow
Reveals layers of dead leaves:
The passage of time.

White clouds tinged with gray
Move slowly across the sun
But don't hide it long.

The pen in the road
Lies where its owner left it
Has nothing to write.

Cloud above the pine
Hovers full, white and billowed
Then makes way for sun.

Sunlight and shadows
Play quietly on the road;
Just the wind whispers

Lone brown snaking limb
Twists up to the nearby tree
Struggles to survive.

Three speeding bluebirds
Disappear into the woods
Adding new color.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More shadows than trees
Criss cross the road dodging sun;
The snow is solid.

Frozen milkweed pods
Still offer their silken gifts
Brittle in the field.

Birds fight in the sky;
Their distress cuts through the freeze;
But they are unseen.

Forest full of creaks:
Frozen trees bend to the wind;
A woodpecker trills.

Three dry leaves hang on
The wind tugs and pulls at them
But they won't let go.

The crumbling stone wall
Ends at the base of the a tree;
Which one supports which?

The two trees branch out
Each one bending its own way,
But joined at the base.

The stream is frozen;
Even its sound is muted;
Blank, white impassive.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Everything's frozen:
Pebbles and footprints in snow.
White field stands starkly.

The stream is frozen;
Even the shadows are ice.
The wind rules the woods.

Three old garbage pails:
Two are up and one lies down.
Mailbox flag is up.

Tree tops are shaking
Making ice wind visible;
Wood creaks all around.

Even shadows freeze;
No witch's tit was colder;
And still the sun shines.

Frantic chimney smoke
Puffed into the icy wind
Blows this way and that.

From whisper to roar
Ice wind speeds through the forest;
Then back to whisper.

Young blond with pigtails
Sits warming up her pickup.
Her pipes have frozen.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow is melting now;
It's barely covered the ground.
Still the fields are white.

Clear blue/blinding white;
The sluggish stream barely moves.
February morn.

Two white plastic chairs
Face snow covered barbecue.
Party is over.

Footprints in the snow:
A dog's next to a human's--
A record of ghosts.

Down is easier;
Up the hill is strenuous;
One defines other.

Yellow bus signs glows
Against the whiteness of snow
Touched lightly by sun.

My doggy friend comes;
Shyly she wags a greeting
Then sniffs on her way.