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Friday, September 27, 2013

Down This Soft Fall Day

Softly the leaves fall,
Fluttering, soaring and diving,
All without a sound.

Tiny spider web,
One strand shining in the sun,
Outside my window.

Watching fuzzy bear
Harvey stares into its fur
To see what is there.

Two birds on a wire
(Thanks due to Central Hudson);
It is for the birds.

Clunking down a tree
Squirrel knocks over limbs and leaves--
Animal klutzdom.

Once they touch the road
Leaves are no longer silent;
They crunch and chatter.

In front and on back
She carries two tender loads
Down this soft Fall day.

Something is squeaking;
Surely can't be my old shoes;
Maybe it's my knees.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grabbing the Moon


They're rushing on past:
Cars that are going some place;
Always some place else.

Light falls on the floor,
Splashing without a sound,
Filling up the room.

Rhododendron dew
Drops lightly on the wide leaves--
Early morning drink.

Chatter on the lawn:
Kids with kids, grownups- grownups;
Home school will start soon.

A bird keeps chirping;
Is she lonely or happy?
(Does she even know?)

Stretching its bare limbs,
Leafless tree clutches the sky,
Grabbing the moon.

Floating high above,
The hawk circles in the sky--
Distant dark shadow.

A murder of crows
Sound conspiratorial
Or just ridiculous.

Is there a prize here,
A Guiness book world record
To be the last leaf?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waiting for the Wind


I wasn't going to ;
I have so much work to do;
But the clear sun calls.


 Thousand shades of green;
A million lights of sunshine;
Too many to count.

Between the wires
Pale moon glows in the bright sky;
No care for the clock.


 Fuzzy bears abound
Signalling a soft winter
With their light brown coats.


 Loud in the tree limbs
Crow calls to its companions
And then floats away.


 It's watching me:
Fade moon peeks between the trees.
Who is watching whom?


In the steel guard rail
Tiny portals look beyond.
(Always a way through.)


 Just one dead brown leaf
Hangs from the slender tree trunk
Waiting for the wind.

 How quiet they are
Talking low and peacefully:
Five kids in the tree.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Now Dry as the Leaves

In my own back yard
A puff of white flowers grow;
I rarely seen them.


 The shiny red chair
Finds itself in a new place;
First time in three years.

In the morning sun
Even a small clump of grass
Can look exotic.

What is this large leaf
That holds the sun in its grasp?
They call it a weed.

Luminescent leaves
Reflect in the mirror stream
Just before they fall.

Raggedy flowers
Spring up between the huge rocks;
Where else should they go?

Laden with ripe fruit
Crab apple tree weighs heavy--
Sweet, juicy apples.

Just one crab apple;
(That is all that I gave him);
And now he wants more.

Leaf strewn and empty,
Driveway held my memories,
Now dry as the leaves.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Splashes of Darkness

Now the chill is real;
The season has truly changed;
Prelude to winter.


Soft shades of orange
Flowing through the sunlit leaves
Mingle with yellow.


Hiding behind leaves
Shadows cling to the tree trunk--
Splashes of darkness.


 Silky Pampas plants
Always pose for a picture;
I don't get it right.


  Flutter in the bush:
Two birds rise and disappear.
A car swishes by.

Past the humming bush
The road is silent again;
Just the wind whispers.

It's starting to wilt;
Yesterday it was blooming
For only one day.

Flowers in the shade
Glow brighter than in the sun.
(Do they try harder?)

As much as I try
Falling leaves are camera shy;
Quicker than my eye.