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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Solitary Leaf

Light shines through the leaves;
Pine trees bow in the cool breeze;
The road is silent.

Gauzy clouds move quick
Racing across my window,
Whisking by tree tops.

Shadows on shadows;
Sunlight tries to break through leaves
And leaves its absence.

Billowing blue green--
Tall tree flashes its brilliance
Before it turns bare.

Squirrel on a phone wire
Is atypically exposed--
Just sits and ponders.

Magic lawn no more--
Grass has replaced the soft moss;
Whirl of lawn mower.

Solitary leaf
Hangs from the naked tree's limb.
The wind does its best.

Car rushes past me;
Hand in window is waving;
Unknown friend is gone.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gray Sky and Crow Cry

Gray sky, falling leaves;
I go to my road again.
The joy of return.

Brown spots on green lawn;
Yellow leaves shake in tree limbs;
It's happened before.

Hardy chicory
Standing at the roadside
Dares winter to come.

Gray sky and crow cry;
Gentle breeze sweeps up the road;
Goats keep on eating.

Swirling dark waters
Ebb around the mossy rock,
Topped by a dry leaf.

Green on brown blanket;
Summer slides into winter;
What season is this?

Black shoe in the leaves;
Tread holds firmly to the sky.
But where is the foot?

Echo of faint breeze--
Dry leaves float above the road;
Then distant bird sounds.