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Sunday, June 12, 2016

("How Do I Get Out?")

In the bird feeder:
"How did I get into this?"
("How do I get out?")

Daisies on my lawn
Together with the rabbit.
What will be there next?

Dandelions grow
Now! In the middle of June;
Seasonal upset.

Buttercups, clover
Mysterious Iris--
A late spring palette.

Welcoming balloons
Sway in the late morning breeze--
A party somewhere.

Couple of spiked plants
Grow pleasantly side by side. 
I go to touch. Ow!

They will not drop off--
Brown leaves hanging from the limps
Next to the green ones.

Near abandoned shack
Plants grow diligently up;
Will they reach the roof?

Monday, June 06, 2016

After the Deluge

Sprinkle of sunshine
On the glistening green grass--
After the deluge.

Translucent colors
Shine through the leaves this morning--
Varied shades of green.

Right next to my house
Forest looks so deep and dark;
Right next to my house.

Against green tumble
Four  white daisies poke their heads;
Civilizing wild.

Hopping on the road
Bird melts into the shadows
And then disappears.

A buzzing deer fly;
One pebble in my sandals;
Disrupt paradise.

Meeting on the road
We're two fellow voyagers--
Box turtle and I.

Stream bed is shining;
Long thirst has been satisfied
With buckets of rain.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

"It Is Spider Spit!"

 Rhododendrons still
Bloom as if there is no end.
Will they ever stop?

Soft green light flowing
From the trees outside my house
And into my heart.

New, dark and violet
Irises spring up by the road--
Mystery blooms.

Yellow, black and pink,
Bee buzzes in the clover
Sucking one by one.

Stream is whispering;
Almost concealed by the plants
That envelope it.

"It is spider spit!"
As kids, we all called it that.
(Still a mystery).

Tree above mailbox
Will cover it completely--
Green triumphs metal.

It scurried forward,
Then back to where it came from.
Mouse, chipmunk or ghost?

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What Secrets They Hold!

May 31, 2016

My birthday today;
The years keep rolling along--
And I am the same. 

Lovely end of May;
The weather is temperate,
And I am as well.

Swings in the shadows
Hang still without a soul;
Peaceful in repose.

Swaying in the wind
Timothy grass gets ready
For Fall allergies.

Dented steel mailbox
Now has its own character:
A punch in the side.

The fence will disappear;
Thick leaves will grow over it--
Springtime victory!

Sunny grove of ferns
Growing as they always have
For a million years.

Leaning on a tree
Abandoned mower becomes
A piece of found art.

June 1, 2016

Can they get bigger:
Bursting globes of bright violet?
My rhododendrons.

All is quiet now,
Even the leaves are silent,
This first day of June.

A shadow couple
Embrace on the tree trunk;
What secrets they hold!

Chickens are hidden
By a jungle of thick leaves;
Just crowing remains.

Dandelion seeds
Float gently on a breeze puff--
Lazy June morning.

A creature scurries
Out of sight to out of sight,
Leaving just its sound.

Sailing through the blue
Hawk is a silent frigate.
(Creatures! Don't look up!)

Absorbing the sun
Green leaves become luminescent
And shed their own light.