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Monday, January 30, 2006

Sun shines through the mist;
Behind the trees are ghost trees.
A winter's softness.

A mist touches the field;
Pine trees covered with softness.
A bird sings lightly.

Stuck in a snow bank
A child's pink automobile.
Who will pull it out?

Many "Posted" signs
Hammered hard on many trees.
The wire fence makes sure.

Soup box on the road
Lies crushed from many car wheels.
Where are the tasters?

They bow in the sun
The pine trees of the forest
Dripping sparkling light.

Sun cuts through the mist
Making shadows and light beams.

Squirrel leaps across road,
Then bounds into the forest;
And twitches its tail.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A gray green morning;
Birds chirp subdued out of sight.
Whiff of chimney smoke.

From the snow--grass tufts;
The stream is completely still;
A pause in winter.

Shimmer in my eye;
A small bird lands on a branch.
Breath of silence.

Geese honk high above
Breaking the morning stillness
And splitting the sky.

The pale white birch tree
Seems to grow out of the snow.
Its winter costume.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The sun is pleasant;
Blue sky, white snow and warm breeze.
What a nice surprise!

The stream is quiet
Trickling through the snow banks.
Lazy winter morn.

In the snowy woods
The deep echo of the wind.
On the road--silence.

The old black plow stands
Snow covered and next to the barn.
Will it work again?

Brown leaves green needles;
The old branch leans on the pine.
Past with forever.

How blue the sky is;
How white the blanket of snow;
How green the pine trees.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Brown on brown on brown:
Shopping bag lies in the woods.
Perfect camouflage.
They are glistening:
The wires of the fenced in woods.
The sun trespasses.

A sun drenched snow field;
Shadows fall on the cold white.
Dogs bark all around.

Shadow on the road:
It stands as still as I stand.
Just who could it be?

The old holy tree;
It does not know that it is dead.
The woodpeckers do.

Broken ornaments
Lie snowbound near the mailbox.
Past Christmas message.

High on the snow bank
Old black dog sits in the sun.
Is it warm enough?

Frosted white grasses
Stand up from the white snow field.
A winter garden.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A gray and blue sky;
Hollow wind across the white.
A winter's palette.

White flakes fill the sky;
They fall in persistent lines
And don't make a sound.

The white flakes subside;
Cat huddles near the window
Hoping for some house warmth.

Rock ledge in the woods
Sits high on the snowy hill;
Behind it--the sky.

A brown leaf falls
From a snapping snowy limb.
Survivor of Fall.

Wires cut the sky
And intersect with others.
Electric heaven.

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's winter again;
The snow layers the landscape
Falling still whiteness.

Footprints and dog prints
The snow tells a history
And lets it vanish.

Silently they float--
Countless million snow flakes.
Silently they land.

I walk on whiteness;
Around me all is silent.
Am I in a dream?

The snow plow rumbles,
Churning away the white snow
And leaves a gas fart.

Friday, January 20, 2006

How balmy it is;
Sheets of ice are melting.
Strange January.

The stream is lazy;
It whispers in the warm sun.
The ice is all gone.

Tweety, tweety, tweet--
The bird thinks Spring is here.
Much winter remains.

Woods are still today;
Snow patches belie the sun.
What season is this?

Somewhere there's a stream;
It whispers from the deep woods.
I cannot see it.

Brown on brown on brown:
Shopping bag lies in the woods.
Perfect camouflage.

Crow caws in the sky;
A heating truck whooshes by.
The stench of cities.

Translucent in sun
Thick icicle keeps its shape.
Meeting of seasons.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The rain is all gone;
White and blue are the colors.
It's winter again.

Above the swift stream
A crystal icicle hangs
Touching the water.

First the trees hum loud;
Then wind bursts across the road
Swiftly disappears.

The bushes flutter;
Small birds dance in the branches;
The cold wind whispers.

The trees are so still;
All is quiet but the wind
And the tinkling stream.

Sun/ice all around
The flood rains have subsided
Leaving the winter.

Rains have swept the snow
Engorged streams flow endlessly;
Always the water.

On the left snow banks;
On the right the murmuring stream.
Ahead is the sun.

The ancient tree limb
Still attached propped up and sawed
Refuses to die.

Black cat on a rock
Catches rays of winter sun
Sits still as a stone.

Baby pine glows in the sun:
Glowing green needles.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pine against the sky
Green on blue and gray on white,
A winter palette.

Nest high in the tree;
Now exposed for all to see.
The birds are long gone.

Faded pink toy car
Left and now covered with snow.
The child is gone too.

Woods are soft today
Water glistens on the ice;
Sun sprinkles the snow.

The two doggy friends
Sniff happily on the road;
Then stop and watch me.

Sun blasts through the trees;
Shadows spring up on the road.
The gray snow turns white.

Shadows on the snow;
White plane streaks in the blue sky;
A dappled morning.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gray mist descending
Even the snow is off white.
Wetness in the wind.

Are the trees praying?
They lift their stark bare branches
Appealing to the sky.

Power lines/tree limbs
Make cross hatches in the air.
The gray world stands still.

Snow on the tree's crotch
Sits on a patch of green moss;
A high winter throne.

Brown leaves still hanging;
But the woods are full of snow.
Echo or portent?

Brown patches on white;
Dead leaves and earth peek through snow.
January thaw.

High in the bare tree
A lone leaf against the sky
Challenges the wind.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Glistening road unfurls;

Mist shrouds the trees and snow.
Rainy soft Christmas.

I smell the white snow;
Two red barns color the road.
Gray clouds float above.

A solid blank field;
The dark stream cuts through the white ;
Unseen plane above.

Grayness on whiteness;
The clouds touch the fields of snow.
Am I in a dream?

Still fork in the road
Nothing's moving either way.
Only my boots sound.

Against the gray slush
A Coke can leans and glistens.
A trashed ornament.

A web of branches:
Tree limbs in the snowy woods.
The gray sky peeps through.

Dog barks far away
Crow caws beyond the clouds.
Unseen serenade.