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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Then There Is Silence

White flakes and black crow;
Slanted snow falls in silence.
The world becomes white.

Crow sits on a branch,
As the barn roof grows white.

He screams at the snow.

White swirls in the road;;
Slowly the cars creep along
Threatened by the snow.

All's white ahead;
Pickup disappears, light fades,
Then there is silence.

Fir boughs are bending
As the snow flakes pile on them
Swiftly and surely.

A twisted white snake--
Snow top tree limb branches up
Still seeking the sky.

A single pine cone
Fallen from a higher place
Hanging suspended.

The snow plow roars by;
Two cars retreat to the side:
Machine v. machine.

There's always a plane;
In the heaviest snow fall
You can hear its roar.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Haiku Today

One haiku today;
Taking a walk with Hira;
Who needs poetry?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey! We Are Waiting.

Still threatening snow,
(The whole world is snowing now);
Hey! We are waiting.

Cow eats in the snow;
What can she possibly find
Hiding under there?

The goat stops and stares
As I bleat loudly at him.
Who is crazy here?

Clear ice on stream
Sparkles in the morning sun
Above the bubbles.

Sun patches light up;
Then they swiftly disappear--
Earth reflecting sky.

The frail fir sapling
Stands erect in the iced snow.

So, I should worry?

Leaves from last summer
Peek out from under the snow.
Why are they still here?

Fat bird on a branch--
We watch each other closely;
Then we both take off.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cut Outs From Heaven

They say it will snow--
Sky is one solid color.
The earth is waiting.

A faded peace sign
Ladder leaning on barn door;
Endless snow white field.

Steel fence is bending,
Pushed by by a thousand flakes--
Power of the snow.

Flutter to my side;
Unseen bird moves somewhere else;
Then there is no sound.

How silent the smoke:
Wispy gray from the white roof;
Melting in the sky.

Old King Stump still stands;
Pine courtiers still around him;
He wears a white crown.

Silhouetted trees
Against the solid gray sky--
Cut outs from heaven.

Talking to myself,
But no one is listening;
(Not even myself)

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week 'Til Christmas

Bird caws fill the air;
The morning sun is blinding.
One week 'til Christmas.

On edge of the branch
Two crows screaming and squawking;
Then they fly away.

A translucent head
Of a white horse or a lamb--
A snow bank sculpture.

A sharp pop rings out;
Breaking twig or hammer blow?
Then all is silent.

Moist dark spots are gone;
In their place, frigid gray ice.
The woods are ringing.

Shadow of tree limb
Etched across abandoned house
Brings it back to life.

Snow bank is gray-brown:
Sand, gravel and frozen dirt;
To think it was white.

Sun is in my face;
Even on this frozen day,
A moment of warmth.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Level of Cold

As I leave the house,
Warm air mixes with the cold.
I am in two worlds.

End of the driveway;
Blue package waits in the cold.
Inside, the hot news.

Above flowing stream,
Clear icicle is hanging--
New level of cold.

Shade of the pine tree--
Morning shadows in the sun,
Make it seem less cold.

Still, dead leaves hang on,
On this freezing winter day.
Do they wait for Spring?

A large fat old crow
Sits confidently on tree
Squawking to himself.

Rarely I look up
To see the towering hill
That always looks down.

Only the wind speaks,
Rolling hollow through the woods.
All sounds are frozen.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is It Wind or Light?

Soft wind chimes tinkle
In the sunshine on my porch.
Is it wind or light?

A bough of thin twigs
Arches over wooden gate:
A simple gesture.

The rooster won't stop,
Crowing on in the sunlight.
How can I blame him?

The shadows again,
Painted on rock, field and hill,
Never seem to stop.

Look at that dark man
Lying flat against the road.
We're joined at the feet.

A stark winter sun
Shines through the clouds and pine trees,
But it sheds no warmth.

Wind blows up the road,
Shaking the last trembling leaves
And freezing my nose.

Below frozen snow
Dark waters are still flowing
Oh so silently.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Distant Reflection

Sun is breaking out;
Water drops fall from the roof;
It's getting warmer.

Gray brown wisp of smoke
Floats upward from the chimney,
Merging with the clouds.

Distant reflection
On the slowly moving stream--
Bright sun and ripples.

A shape on the swing
Unused by the child, long grown.
It's a snow baby.

Cars make slapping noise
As they rush along the road.
Moisture everywhere.

Two errant rag mops
Lean together on the snow;
Too much to clean up.

Sky is growing dark;
Clouds take over the heavens.
It will rain or snow.

Sun has disappeared;
Now the snow sheds its own light,
Bluish and subdued.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Feels Like A Spring Thaw

Now it's much warmer--
Just a tad above freezing.
Feels like a spring thaw.

Still the snow ripples;
White dunes flow across the field;

Crow caws across sky.

The dark stream is loud;
Melting water rushes fast
Towards an unseen goal.

Two cars, hoods open;
Line from one to the other.
Standard winter scene.

Birds on a snow bank
Scurrying around for food.
They won't find it there.

Groaning and burping
The school bus backs up and leaves.
Two hour delay.

Sun is no stranger,
It just stays behind the clouds
Playing hide and seek.

The dowager stump;
Old queen covered by slushy snow
Looks less majestic.