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Monday, May 21, 2012

Do They Envy Me?


On this green morning,
On this sunny balmy day;
How could I be sad? 

Rhododendron bursts--
Violet explosions of light
Light up my front yard.

Olivia eats;
Munching grass in the front yard;
Bovine lawn mower.


Last dandelions
Flourish happily in shade.
Elsewhere, puffs are gone. 

 Michael and Mia
Fight over who gets the bike.
Brother wins again.


Dogs bark as I pass,
Loud chorus behind their fence;
Do they envy me? 

Cool soft gentle breeze
Kisses me at hill top
Opening my heart.

Sun dappled forest;
Still shadows lie on the rock;
Light pungent May smell. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Suddenly the Trees

Mourning doves are loud;
Olivia sounds a moo;
Roosters keep crowing.

Blue sky is cloudless;
Transmitter keeps on humming;
Everything is green.

Dandelions gone;
In their place are soft white puffs.
Yellow evolved to gray.

Dogs, kids and school bus;
Flurry of activity,
Then all is silent.

Old fence and front lawn--
Each defined by the other
Through every season.

Clover has sprung up;
New roadside communities
Of broad leafed triads.

Suddenly the trees
Billow brightly into green
Of infinite shades.

Almost can't hear it:
Roadside stream as it trickles down,
Scurrying past me.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Share an Instant


 Light through my windows
Lands on my kitchen table
Casting dark shadows.


Surrounded by sun
On every side of the house--
I must surrender.


Water still running
In the stream outside my door;
No clouds in the sky.

Mia and Issy
Find a new discovery
At the school bus stop.

First bright buttercups
Lift their faces to the sky.
Always more than one.

Shadows in the trees
Dapple the day lit forest--
Darkness upon light.

Trembling in the breeze,
Butterfly sitting on a leaf.
We share an instant.

Sunlight is silent;
Shadows fall without a sound.
Only my shoes clunk.

Often at this time
Sun illumines the green leaves
Above the dead bush.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shedding Its Own Light

Those April showers
Alleged to come my way
Arrived in mid-May.
 In the gray morning,
Talking downstairs with Erin
Makes me feel less gray.
Early morning mist
Shrouds the distant mountain tops;
Two birds guard the wire.
Pink cloud in the mist:
Flower peeks out from the bush,
Shedding its own light.
Waterfall crashing
Just off the side of the road
Makes bubbled music.

Hanging by itself,
Dead leaf refuses to fall;
No one pushes it.
Sun breaking slowly
Coaxes its light to the road.
Tree drops fall on me.
Subaru passes;
I wave to windshield statue.
(That's all who I know.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Noiseless Air Frigate


Gray moisture outside;
Darkness contrasts with the green;
Porch is glistening. 

Porch rail is shining;
Cars pass with a swooshing
Swift whishing of air. 


Barn doors are dark black;
Cows eating in the back yard;
Wet mist in the air.

While the air is cool
My feelings are hot and dry--
Disjointed elements. 


Through the large window
A frame of moving pictures--
Old lady and tv.


Flying above me
Large heron sails through the sky--
Noiseless air frigate.


Out of the tree trunk
Bright green leaves spring and quiver
In the dim morning.


In the old shack's mouth
Tall grass covers its entrance.
(It won't even cough.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

On this mother's day
Thinking of my two mothers;
I was blessed with love.
Abandoned old pot
Still brings its harvest of life
Without any help.

As the bee buzzes
Flowers have begun to die.
(It's corny, but true.)

Roosters keep crowing--
Trio with the running stream
And distant voices.
The two have passed me;
Her voice is going non stop.
Then it fades away.
Delicate ocean
Of tiny blue flowers swells
In the sun drenched woods.
Buzzing bike passes
Leaving me and the shadows
To our solitude.

Round yellow flowers
Hanging like 3-D paintings
Charge no admission.