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Friday, March 30, 2012

Shadows to the Bend

Shadows through windows;
Bright sun blares into my room;
A morning of light.

 The brighter the sun
The dirtier my windows--
Strange contradiction.


No cloud in the sky;
The field is full of shadows;
Brisk wind up the road.


 A familiar green plant;
I remember it as a child.
(Can't recall it's name).


Benches in the woods
Waiting for someone to sit on them;
Now only the air.


 Shadows to the bend
Are soft and blurred on the road.
They have their own shades.

Sporadic drum beat:
Woodpecker pecks on a tree.
Doesn't seem to care.

How silent the hawk
Gliding graceful silhouette;
(Unless you're a mouse). 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Time of Budding

Dark skies, waving trees;
Single bird cries faintly;
 What is to happen?
No sun in the sky;
Passing car sounds hollow;
Then only silence.
 Crows are silhouettes
Against the dark rolling clouds;
Breeze has tinge of Spring.
Lone forsythia
Grows alone on bare stalk;
It seems more yellow.
Slender small green buds
Spring softly from the thin branch
Asserting themselves.

Soon the rain will come;
Sky is dark, the wind is up.
Can nothing stop it?
A time of budding;
Suddenly green leaves burst out
In magician's time.

Through the wall of rock
A thick wide path has been carved
By wind and water.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

With Light there is Life


It's freezing again;
Sun is bright but sheds no heat;
Shadows are bright and vivid.

Forsythia glows
Catching the sun, it explodes
Into radiance.


Sun rises slowly
Bringing trees and fields to life;
Throwing dark shadows.


Clouds have pulled over,
A curtain covers the sun;
Next scene to begin.


The forest is still;
Not even leaves are shaking;
The earth holds its breath.

Without the sunshine
Mother log looks truly dead.
With light there is life.

Racing down the road
A great black furry beast comes.
(Oh, it's just Bella).

Two pieces of tree
Joined in their separation:
A magician's trick.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Forsythia Sun

  A flash of yellow,
But the clouds are overcast
Forsythia sun!

Now the sunshine blares
Blinding me in my kitchen.
I must take notice.

Brisk winds, lilac buds,
Rooster crows in breaking sun,
A far lone dog barks.

Wind raises bird songs
Floating above the whispers
Of the moving breeze.


 Tiny yellow bursts
Exploding at the road side--
Dandelion buds?

The thin tree branches
Double themselves on the barn side
Without an effort.

 Green, brown and yellow
Are the colors of the day;
Yellow sings loudest.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Transit Gloria

My forsythia--
Yellow sparkles in sunshine--
Light up the morning.

Breaking through the trees
The sun shines through my window;
Cars whish on the road.

Springtime comes forth
With licks of gentle sunshine
On children's laughter.


Still the pines are green;
Still the fence waves like the sea;
Some things do not change.

Little wood fairies
Stand silently in the sun.
The woods have no sound.

A lone bird chatters;
Woods are completely silent;
Woodpecker rattles.

Padding down the road
A jogger moves through the sun
With measured effort.

The shadows are soft
Falling like ghosts on the road.
Sun just coaxes them.

A Christmas message
Hid in faded roadside wreath:
"Transit Gloria!"