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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That's the Way of Things

Miraculous blooms
Float near my kitchen window;
Where did they come from?


It's so very gray
But my eggs are boiling hard.
This is a good day.


 Shouts of small children
Chirp briskly over airplane.
It's the school next door.

Around the bright May pole
The girls dance and the boy sits.
(That's the way of things.)

Smart bird on a wire
Pays no attention to me.
He knows I can't fly.

Where are the shadows?
They're hidden behind the clouds.
Wait! Sun has found them!

Whining down the hill
Whirling brushes on the road:
A Spring manicure.

Bugs buzz in my ear;
Spring time has really returned--
Bitter and better.

Monday, April 29, 2013

You Can't Stop Them Now!


A touch of gloom now;
Greyness infects my spirits.
Screw April showers!

 A stay in bed day.
OK I'll stop complaining--
Off on a new walk!

Slowly they open--
Green leaves on the sleeping trees.
You can't stop them now!

Through the dim gray light:
Top of a distant mountain
Soft between tree tops.

Small dark silhouette
In the skeletal branches:
Bird calls for lover.

Long thin supple branch
Suspended where it was caught
By a friendly tree.

Buzz saw and gun shots;
Woodpecker on hollow tree:
Sounds on a gray day.

The earth is breathing;
Not even the leaves rustle--
No sounds on gray day.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Streamlining Spring Day

Speeding bicyclists
Racing past my front window--
Streamlining Spring day.
Late morning sunshine.
Filter through forsythia;
Each day it's different.
 Pure white daffodils
Against rusty metal cans--
A Springtime altar.
Small purple flowers
Grow together in the shade.
Stream tinkles softly.
 Spreading dark branches:
Tree shadows grow on the road.
(They're easy to climb.)
 High in the dead tree
Percussive woodpecker pecks:
Small bird--rumbling sound.
 Sitting in the road
An early fuzzy bear waits
To make his journey.
 How they zip on by:
Cars on this warm sun filled day.
What's so important?


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little Dots of Bright Sunshine

Forsythias flame
In the nearly noon day sun;
The shadows darken.
Green leaves in lilacs
Mark the next big flowering--
Rolling Spring colors.
For many seasons
Wood owl has stood on my lawn,
Next to tree and birds.
 Wagon on the lawn
Taking a break from the kids.
(Today's Saturday).

Moss on the stream rocks
As the water trickles slowly--
Lazy Spring morning.

The rippling wood fence
Withstood another winter.
(Whose losing battle?)

They are everywhere:
Little dots of bright sunshine--
Dandelions grow!

Mighty white stallion--
The camera's soft click spooks him
And he wheels away.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wild Geese Caw Calling

Wild geese caw calling
Past near my bedroom window:
Spring on Yerry Hill.

How long has it been
Since I last walked on this road?
Eons of seasons.

My forsythia
Illuminates the front lawn.
Happy rooster crows.

Gray clouds in the stream;
Strewn garbage in the forest;
Perfect! Imperfect!

Where is St. Francis?
His spot is marked by flowers.
Has kindness fled too?

These small round green plants
Flourishing by the road side
Bear delicious fruit

Ghost thinks I have food;
Sticks his big nose through the fence.
He looks so silly.

Not that much has changed
In the month since I was here.
Where's flowering spring?