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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Their Dinosaur Dreams

Clouds kissing the earth
Provide the graying landscape
With new clarity.
 The whole world is green--
A billion leaves, different shades,
And all exhaling.
 Rhododendron's fall--
Petals are pointing the way
To another Spring.

Hanging in the field
Pregnant on their slender stems--
First summer poppers.

It's a bad hair day
For the old dandelion--
No seeds--No flowers.

A thousand eons
These billowy ferns have dreamed
Their dinosaur dreams.

Melting through the clouds
A quick flash of bright sunshine
Plays upon the road.

Creeping lightly on the road
A wave of sunshine.

Is that stump smiling?
Why is he looking at me?
What is so funny?

Monday, June 09, 2014

A Bullfrog Breaks the Stillness

Perhaps my last walk
Before the summer sojourn--
Looks like week of rain.


 The trees have turned dull--
A long blink without sunshine.
Still, the cars rush past.


Tear drop on the leaf
Suspended for an instant
Shines through the gray cloud.


 In the placid pond
A bullfrog breaks the stillness
With his cranky croak.

Too busy to stop,
The young deer crosses the road
Following its nose.

The plucky chipmunk
Sitting firmly on his log
Complains and then flees.

The air is teeming
With bird love calls, singing trees
And harsh ripping saw.

The woods are dark today;
They hide their pungent secrets
Close to their moist breasts.


Mad shadow leaf birds
Rail at unseen enemy
Only imagined.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Monkey Chatter Mind

It's a grand June day,
Full of green and bright sunshine,
And rushing thoughts.
 Objects disappear
In the translucent green leaves;
Only light remains.

Shiny and useless
Snow shovel rests against wall,
Waiting for winter.

A burst of color
Flashes out from the roadside:
Early summer blooms.

Flickering ripples
Hidden by greenery:
The dark forest stream.

The mailbox just sits
As ivy twists around it.
Nothing to be done.

From high on the hill
Voices float down to the road--
Soft sounds but no words.

Monkey chatter mind
Carves up this soft sunny walk
Into limbo pieces.

Slender flower swans
Meeting high above the ground
Bow translucent heads.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Where are the Lilacs?

Auburn haired woman
Walks tall with Irish Setter;
Which beast is prouder?


Flashes of bright light
As car passes through sunshine.
(The sunshine remains).


This year they bloomed late--
The violet rhododendrons.
Their time's always bright.


Roadside buttercup
Doesn't even know its name--
Still smiles at the sun.


 My old friend Samvid
Wanted to have a haiku;
And now he has one.

Bright lilacs are gone;
In their place are dried brown husks;
Where are the lilacs?


The fierce stump monster
Squinches under the burning sun;
He cannot speak his rage.

 Rustling in the bush;
It's too big to be a snake.
A dog in the grass!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Is This a Statue?


Rhododendron bomb
Exploding on my front lawn
With brilliant silence.


Lilac branches sway
In the sun warmed June morning.
There are no lilacs.


Sun dappled morning
Gives hearts and birds no excuse
Not to celebrate.


 Girl on a white horse
Rides out of the bright sunshine
And into a dream.

Dog in passing car
With his nose out the window
Doesn't even bark.

Green translucent leaves
Pull in the afternoon sun;
Then shed it softly.

Stump congregation
Welcomes the onset of June
By hosting a plant.

So many autos
Driving slow and looking lost
On this perfect day.


Is this a statue,
Set on the new neighbor's lawn?
(I saw its eyes move.)