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Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Clouds and Tree Creatures

Snow is in the air;
The sun is nowhere in sight;
Lights glow in dark barn.

Pine cones dot the banks

Like mysterious long turds
Left by a weird dog.

A car races by;
Robins sweep across the field
Like receding waves.

Car and truck headlights
Bring Halloween glow in March;
Two fenced in dogs bark.

Racing round the bend
School bus followed by two cars;
Were they ever here?

Voices from the clouds--
A flock of geese pass over,
Move from left to right.

Winding wooden snake
Curls its way up the tree trunk.
Does it feed at night?

Wrapped in lover's hug
Tree trunks entwine each other
(Till death do them part.)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moss, Ice and Shadows

Rooster is crowing;
Wheelbarrow upside down;
Thin ice on the pond.

White house through the trees
Looks out on the empty field--
No robins pecking.

Icicles return
To hang over rushing stream;
The seasons see saw.

The moss covered lawn
Softens the cold sharp shadows.
An icy wind blows.

Near standing dead tree
A log melts into the earth,

Slowly and gently.

Woodpecker hammers;
Today it's frozen insects.
He keeps on drilling.

Snow is retreating
But the freeze of winter stays.
Sun sparkles on stream.

On the old gray rock
A green forest grows wildly--
Miracle of moss.

The two baby goats
Cavort outside the warm barn.
Nannys watch closely.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A soft gray morning;
Two men chatting hear the barn;
Sun tries to peek out.

Smoke behind the barn;
Doors open, machines humming--
Preparing for spring.

Daffodils budding;
Crocuses peek their heads out--
Hastened by humans.

The first shelf fungus
Appears on tree like magic
As if from nowhere.

Small yellow buds
On the tips of the branches;
The moss seems greener.

The dead leaves tremble;
Now they seem ready to fall--
Waiting all winter.

The old king tree stump
Crowned by moss instead of snow
Attended by fir trees.

Last year's shelf fungi
Lies at the base of the tree;
Make way for the new.

New green leaves spring out
Balanced on slender branches--
The first pioneers.

New green leaves spring out
Balanced on slender branches--
The first pioneers.

Snow is almost gone;
Man kneels in the empty field;
Garlic is coming.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A sprinkling of snow;
Behind the woods, geese calling;
Moist sweet smell of hay.

The two retrievers
Sit patiently in the car;
The fun is outside.

A distant woodpecker
Thrums its sharp staccato beat.
On the ground, robins.

A heavy dark sky,
Then the sun rolls up the road
Bringing soft shadows.

Sun and clouds see saw;
First come bright dancing shadows,
Then, a steel gray road.

Ring of ancient rocks
Surrounds the rusting tin can--
History pieces.

A cluster of birds
Fly clucking over the road
As the sun comes out.

Bree bree twit twit twit
Twah twah twah twah twah twah (caw)
Chirpa chirpa chirp.

Air is moist and clean;
Newborn goat wriggles and blinks--
Season of rebirth.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Shadows Guide the Way

Shadows guide the way,
Splashed, speckled on the road.
Incessant dog barks.

Snow is almost gone;
Brown takes over the white field;
Hopeful robin pecks.

Forsythia buds
Perceptible in the sun,
Waiting for their chance.

A tall dark shadow
Stands motionless on the road.
Is that really me?

Whooshing from behind
Car disappears round the bend
Leaving solitude.

Two grizzled brothers
Doze in the late morning sun.
It's a doggie's world.

Solid moss covered
Concrete square stands in the field;
Once a foundation.

Nestled by the fir
The plastic bag stands upright
Waiting to be filled.

Still as a statue
Robin comes to life pecking,
Then freezes again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shadow of a sign

Lies flat upon the tree trunk--
Miracle of light.

One log in the icy woods
Whispers of the spring.

Solitary snow
Guards the front of the driveway--
Refuses to melt.

Crackled ice feathers
Lie in the frozen puddle;
Not left by a bird.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow dusts icy field;
Curtain flaps in the barn door;

Bird speeds to safety.

Feathers in the road
Flutter in the icy wind
But they do not fly.

Leaves slide on the road;
Loud roaring comes from the woods.

Today the wind rules.

Tiny flakes of snow
Float by in the iced sunlight
Give a mixed message.

Bursting from the woods
The wind swirls up clouds of snow.
Tall trees creak and bend.

Hidden in the woods:

Rusted brown metal whozit,
Latticed, forgotten.

Underneath the rock
Three small icicles dangle
Untouched by the wind.

Old deserted house--
Blank windows stare at the road;
Inside--more blankness.

Shining on the road
Frozen tire tracks glisten
Drawn on by the sun.