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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Trees and road are still;
Only the stream sparkles move.
Earth takes a deep breath.

Shadow crosses road
Stealthily and silently
And then just lies there.

Shadows rule just now,
Crisscrossing the road and woods,
Dappling the bushes.

A few snow patches
Lie near the side of the road
Gray and soot covered.

Red sign on the tree:
"Private. Do Not Enter Here."
The squirrel ignores it.

Light through the brown leaves
Infuses an eerie glow;
Echoes of last spring.

Old dog lifts his head,
Looks at me and plops back down;
Used to growl and bark.

Ancient dead brown log
Disintegrating slowly,
Rejoining the earth.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Cool air and bright sun;
Clean spring smell is all around.
Still there are snow banks.

Dove sits on a wire,
Framed against the clouds and sky
Flutters and takes off.

Is this the same field
Recently covered with white?
Not a trace remains.

Bottles, cans, paper--
Spring rain's uncovered the rubbish:
Human detritus.

Rusty table, chair
Are huddled deep in the woods;
Ancient tea party.

Open garbage can
Freed of its collected crap
Breathes a silent sigh.

Pickup truck drives by;
He does not return my wave.
"Fuck you, too, Charlie!"

Drumming in the woods
Sounds like beating on trash cans;
Just a woodpecker.

Snow still in the woods
Protected by the pine trees;
Sun will soon prevail.

Discarded fruit jar--
Excuse me while I throw up.
Pigs can be people.

Squirrel poised on the lawn
Maybe thinks it's a statue.
Whoops! Where did it go?

Four chunky brown turds
Wait on the side of the road
For the unaware.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snow as memory:
Patches lie hither and yon.
It's almost April.

Like two school children
Couple slips into the woods.
They're smiling shyly.

Far into the woods
Some snow patches still remain
Surrounded by bird cries.

Dead tree on the ground;
Its bare limbs reach towards the sky.
That will do no good.

The wire fenced in woods--
Snow seems deeper around it.
Not ready for spring.

Small birds on the rocks--
Not a drink but a picture.
They peck frantically.

Dead leaves climb the hill
Blown by the gentle wind's gust.
Then they tumble down.

Squirrel tumbles in the sun
Flicking his way to the tree;
Then twitches around it.

Shadows splash the road;
Thin bare tree limbs shine like webs.
I unzip my coat.

Robin flies to branch,
Waits patiently 'til I leave,
Then back to the ground.

Snow has receded
Exposing the old beer cans.
They have no season.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dirt path is clear now;
Bright shadows speckle the road;
Electric wire hums.

Treacherous ice patch
Lies in the bend of the road;
Winter's last surprise.

Dark streams take over,
Rushing, gushing, whispering;
Snow banks melt away.

Still pools of water
Scattered among the pine trees:
Mirrors in the woods.

Mixed chorus of geese
Passes noisily above;
They're not to be seen.

One tall grass pops up;
Small bird flies into the sun
Using its springboard.

Sun on soaking leaves;
Roadside stream tinkles softly
Throwing off sparkles.

Window dog is out
Bouncing, yipping on the snow.
World is much too large.

Two yellow cat eyes
Stare from the living room window:
Stella's honor place.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Brown patches appear;
Snow banks recede in the warmth.
The earth is released.

Gray melting ice patch
Encroaches on the snow field;
Soon all will be wet.

Streams branch and rejoin
Cutting dark swathes in the snow
Chortling as they go.

Moist green forest moss
Glistens in a snow free patch;
Stream tinkles nearby.

Deer crosses the road;
We stop, stare at each other,
Then we continue.

Roadside snow is gray
Splashed with gravel and dirt.
The earth advances.

Two cans one bottle
Huddle together like friends
In a hostile wood.

My black doggy friend
Trots to me wagging its tail
And passes right by.

Rumble under snow:
Stream rushes underneath it--
Dark hidden power.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snow banks are melting;
Solitary bird chirps high;
Low gentle breeze blows.

Snow covers driveway;
White field right up to the house.
They are not at home.

Air is soft and sweet;
Ground is covered with whiteness;
Impatient wind blows.

Days after snow storm,
Road is a clear brown tunnel
Between dirty banks.

Fallen icicles
Stick downward next to the rock.
Winter's stalagmites.

My dog friends are gone;
Their tracks run high up the hill
And then disappear.

Car buried in snow
Stands next to the plowed driveway.
Soon Spring will free it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Light breaks through the clouds;
Sky is shifting shades of blue.
Old sheep walks slowly.

Disappearing snow;
Field is soggy, blotched, slushy.
Winter's crisp is gone.

Loud stream rushes on,
Dark between the slushed snow bank.
No ice blocks its way.

Shadows on the road
Fall softly from hidden sun,
Vanish like fairies.

Two loud woodpeckers
Greet each other from afar,
Hammering hello's.

Two rotting tree stumps
Sit opposing each other
Like decaying friends.

Woods are brown again;
Two black dogs take their places
Sitting and sleeping.

Small dog in window
This time sleeps as I pass by.
Must be Spring fever.

Robin on snow bank
Surveys the unfolding brown,
Then lightly hops down.

Three frozen snow lines,
A robin hops along each
Following the track.

Loud chorus of geese
Follows the black swerving line.
Fading from sight/sound.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gray surrounds--then sun;
Roosters crow to each other
Across the snow field.

Tattered two tone cloth
Flutters from the bare tree limb;
Used to be longer.

Small bird hops higher
To reach the top of the tree
Gray still silhouette.

Imprisoned forest
Seems more captive in the snow:
Steel mesh against white.

It's warm today;
Is that why crows are crying
Welcoming the Spring?

Fire siren blows
Somewhere beyond the still woods;
Then wind takes over.

Birds in the bushes
Flicker like brown/white berries.
Two old dogs just lie.

Sky is lowering;
Soon it will release itself;
Will it rain or snow?

Bare trees and dark sky;
Road slush encroaches on snow;
Ghostly rooster crows.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cigarette in mouth,
Guy in pick up truck drives by;
Outside wind whistles.

It's frozen again;
Snow field is unmovable--
No white phantoms swirl.

A clear bridge of ice
Hangs over slowly moving stream.
All birds are quiet.

Small concrete Mary
Stands praying in the snow bank;
Just what does she ask?

Old slush is frozen;
Yesterday's ripples of water--
Today's slab of ice.

Dainty young fir trees
Stand delicate on the snow.
They'll survive winter.

Instant of sunshine
Breaking through the layer of clouds;
Squirrel on stump cocks head.

The footprints veer left
Avoiding the patch of ice.
I follow this guide.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A light frost of snow
Powders the fields and road.
Silently it falls.

Ahead the dogs bark;
My feet crunch in the snow;
The brown rooster crows.

Footprints in the snow
Turn left in the dirt driveway,
Then they disappear.

The snow covered car--
Inside the bellowing dogs
Bark at the unseen.

Tire tracks from left/right
Meet and crisscross in the road;
Memory in snow.

White tinged pine needles
Weigh a bit heavier now
In the sprinkling snow.

The yellow school bus
On the crunchy snowy road;
Inside, bundled kids.

Shy father and son
Step quietly into car
Softly as the snow.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fluttery snow flakes
Float aimlessly through the air
Not making a sound.

Dark lines cut the white--
Stream flows through the snow bank
Winding like a snake.

Freed from the window
Small white dog bounces on snow;
Still yips his head off.

Gray skies and white flakes,
Dark patches in snowy woods:
Contrasts of winter.

Black dog sniffs black turd
On white snow under gray sky;
Then she takes a piss.

Will that damned machine
That sits in the field always
Ever do a wash?

Thoughts reflect the sky:
Gray now portending doom--
Taxes lie ahead.

Translucent ice shelves
Hang over the rushing stream;
Water on water.

Two piles of dog shit
Sit side by side in the snow--
A doggy friendship.

Blue jay on tree top
Silhouettes against the sky
A regal profile.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sun slips behind clouds,
Then slips back and floods the road.
Shadows dance on snow.

Icy winter wind
Seems to miss the smooth snow field.
Wait! A billlowed white cloud.

Bending black tree limb
Touches a thick black tree trunk:
Shadows on the road.

The tiny fir tree
Bent over at the road's edge
Buried by snow plow.

Glisten in the road--
Water ripples on the ice
Melting and freezing.

A splash of sunshine
Melts the thin layer of ice:
Winter regression.

Movement under ice--
Ahead, everything is solid
Here the water flows.

The two cars rush past
Speeding through the melted patch--
Sploosh. Sploosh. Then Sploosh. Sploosh.

A distant whisper,
Then the wind touches my face;
The smell of wood smoke.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gray sky and gray mood;
Car slushes up behind me,
Then slushes away.

Gray wisps of wood smoke
Dissolve into grayer sky;
Snow field is slushy.

The stream is melting;
Ice gives way to swift water;
Slight winter retreat.

The woods look soggy;
Phantom moves among the trees--
A chill up my spine.

Warm breeze over snow;
A squirrel jumps down off the roof
And sprints up a tree.

The wind is rising;
Dead leaves race across the snow;
Tree limbs bow and bend.

The clouds are mottled;
Light and gray swirl together.
Slush tracks in the snow.

Ripples in the snow:
Overflowing melting ice--
A polish of water.

A strong burst of wind;
Fir trees shake, whisper and wave.
Rumors in the woods.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Birch tree next to barn--
Sun washed white and faded red.
Flock of birds above.

The sun emerges;
Brightness bursts upon the road
Then fades back to gray.

Lady in a walkway
Stands bent over with a cane.
Will she fall forward?

There is no sun now;
Just a high blanket of clouds.
Darkness on the road.

The snow is mottled:
Animal tracked and wind blown;
Brown spider bushes.

Two trees are entwined,
One straight, other curved around
Like wooden lovers.

The last dead brown leaf
Dangles from the bare tree limb;
Will it ever fall?

Subaru drives past
Making a soft whooshing sound;
Smell of tobacco.