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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Walk Before Summer

My last walk today
Before the summer begins.
The sun welcomes me.


Temperature is mild;
So glad that its not raining
On this farewell walk.


Where has the fence gone?
Hidden behind the tall grass
That grew overnight.

Rooster lifts his head
Above the clucking chickens
And crows his proud claim.

Table, chair and swing
Sit perfectly on the lawn.
(There are no people).

On this quiet road
Bark piece thunders from the tree;
Then silence returns.

Size is no factor;
These very tiny flowers
Have intricate blooms.

Butterfly and I
Move in the same direction--
Roadside companions.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reckless Abandon

Waving through the trees
Olivia's tail swats flies.
What is she thinking?


The clouds are dancing
In front of the persistent sun--
Now gray! Now yellow!

Daisies on my lawn;
Chipmunks eating on my porch;
Where do I fit in?


 Chipmunk in birdhouse
Might think he's growing feathers
But he still can't fly.

Gray clouds threaten rain;
It's darker by the minute;
New birds on the porch.


 Against the gray mist
Lone bird sits on the high wire--
Black dot in the sky.

Carpet of flowers
Strewn on the road by the tree--
Reckless abandon.

Rhododendrons bloom
No more blossoms but water--
Ephemeral drops.

The old dry stream bed
Is now running with water;
Has forgot its thirst.

Sliding down the hill
Smarter than those who threw it:
Discarded slot fence.

They're three months early,
These plump September popper s,
In middle of June.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Courtesy of Sun


 A crisp June morning;
Bright sunshine beckons the day
And dapples my lawn.



With my BB gun
I take aim at the close squirrel
And miss at point blank!


A horse, pond and barn;
Is this Currier and Ives?
Right in my back yard!

Stream's disappearing
Under the vast greenery.
Soon, there'll be just sound.

Purple and yellow
Blend easily by the fence:
Blooms coexistence.

A patch of light blue
Illuminates the forest,
Courtesy of sun.


Hieroglyphics? Runes?
Messages stamped, cut or carved
In the patient pole.

Squashed mustard wrapper
From a nearby fast food joint,
Bestowed by moron.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Triumph of Clover!


Rhododendron's gone;
Just a few petals hanging
From the constant stems.


Balmy Spring morning
Brings back child memories
Of the end of school.



Transformer humming;
Two birds on wire meditate;
Rooster repeats crow.


 Stone in my sandal.
How the hell did it get there?
So small and so loud.


 A single daisy
Shines by the side of the road;
Partner to the sun.


Sunlight,  not water
Fills the ancient dry stream bed,
Which lies there dreaming.


Small patch of purple
Breathes its own light to the road;
Triumph of clover!


 Swift as a shadow
A black bear crosses the road;
Like a shadow--gone

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Home Without Homeless

Ready to walk now--
After oral surgery.
No pain--Arnica!

Late afternoon light
Cooler than the morning light.
The sun slowly leaves.

The empty hole stares;
Never filled by bird or beast.
Home without homeless.
 Gina and her Ghost
Sail across the verdant field:
White horse and mistress.

Six luminous leaves
Glow in late afternoon sun;
Farewell to the day.
School buses glide by,
Bright yellow like sunshine
(Or joy at school's end).
Crossing the highway
Soft caterpillar risks all;
(But knows not his risk)
Dandelion puffs
Float gently across the road--
Warm snowfall in June.