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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resurrection, Please!

April the cruelest?
Feelings stir and awaken
And it's only March.

Can there be sorrow
In the warm breezes of Spring
And faint smell of grass?

Forsythia buds
Seem to swell in the sunshine.
A breeze on the road.

The only snow patch
Is under solar panel;
The whole field is brown.

A cross in the sky
Made by the passing jet streams.
Resurrection please.

St. Francis is free;
My still shadow on the road;
A new bird song rings.

Not winter, not Spring;
The woods are completely brown;
Only Evergreens.

I hear new bird songs
Missing from the whole winter.
(Now I miss them, too).

Monday, March 28, 2011

And Then My Eyes Open

A cat or a rug?
Stella lies limp in the sun
Only her tail moves.

Windows are dirty;
World looks grimy and faint.
I need to go out.

Always tarts the same:
Same road, same trees, same rooster;
And then my eyes open.

Fence bars have collapsed;
Its posts have become a window
On the stream beyond.

The forest wood bird
Stares at the sky on its back;
Its eye unblinking.

Plane's hollow echo;
Crunch of car wheels on gravel;
Then, just my foot steps.

Sun, snow and shadows
Frame and mold the old tree stump;
A late winter sculpture.

The ancient stone wall
Built to last by patient hands,
Crumbled into ruins.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flicker in the Light

Bright sun but no heat;
A touch of Spring in the trees;
Flicker in the light.

At the edge of snow--
Brown earth like a river bank
Pushes like a wave.

Snow shovel Buddha
Sits silently on my porch.
Alfred kisses mom.

Icy winter wind
Seeps through the snowless field;
Somewhere a dog barks.

Could it be more blue
The crystalline sky today?
The sun be brighter?

Wayward crumpled hat
That's lying by the road side
Is missing a head.

On the sunny side
Woods are devoid of all white;
Other side--snowbound.

Brown dead evergreen
Leans against the vibrant fir--
Trees for all seasons.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thanks Be To Shadows

Thanks be to shadows,
Those that happen with the sun.
Today they flower.

My side yard is brown;
The front yard is white with snow.
Seasons round the house.

The birch tree shines bright
Around barn and next to pine.
Medley of colors.

The field is clear now-
Only hints of snow remain.
Dare I hope for Spring?

Now moss shines brightly
On rocks in the running stream;
Wood piles stand unused.

Bird spirit on tree
Perches still with wooden eyes
Watching cars roll by.

Belching strong gas fumes,
The small truck groans up the hill
Leaving stink behind.

This shy pine sapling
Emerges from deep winter
Screaming, "I made it!"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just One Worth Posting

Did my walk today--
Dutifully wrote eight haiku.
Just one worth posting.

The old Billy goat
Comes and poses for picture.
(A handsome devil!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Strange Paradox

Thick flakes are falling,
Now slanted diagonally;
Now helter skelter.

Silence is greater
Watching the snow from inside--
A snow fall movie.

The old stone marker
Fallen into disrepair
Looks like a ruin.

Three goats in the snow
Munching on a bale of hay--
Breakfast is breakfast!

The old red sentinel

Sits alone on the tree trunk,
Flecked with white snow flakes.

It's starting to stick;
Now cars make tracks in the road.
The world's turning white.

Dirt road in the woods
Has a sign in red letters:
Just outlaws walk here.

Poof! The flakes have gone;
Distant sound of hammering;
Just a gray morning.

Was lost in my thoughts
And didn't even know it--
A strange paradox.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clouds, Then Sun, Then Clouds

While I'm passing through,
My moods change accordingly--
Clouds, then sun, then clouds.

Where icicles were
Now there is a soft dripping
From eaves of my porch.

Within the dark barn
Cow horns and slices of light
Peek through the dimness.

Five goats in the snow,
Like a scene from a manger.
But it's not Christmas!

Dove coos in the snow;
Blue and gray vie for the sky.
Stream burbles softly.

What is this creature--
Animal or vegetable,
Climbing up the tree?

Billowing whisper
Shakes trees then crosses the road
While stroking my cheek.

The abandoned house
Made more deserted inside
With its empty stairs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks, I Needed That

The first day of Spring?
So much for the calendars.
Another snow day.

A white trip through time,
All covered with snow again.
Ah, still it is soft.

White on lilac buds;
Dogs running free and romping;
It could be January.

The stream is subdued;
Snow flakes land on it and melt;
Water forever!

The two garbage cans
Lean, communing together,
Their tops thick with snow.

How soft the blanket
Whitens trees and covers green
In perfect silence.

A thick clod of snow
Plunks noisily on my head.
Thanks, I needed that.

Sign is blank again;
Words are a white mystery
The sun can reveal.