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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dark empty barn door;
Mystery figure inside--
Curious old goat.

Dandelion bunch;
Splash of yellow in green field.
Birds call and answer.

Red letters shouting
In the still of the morning
Just one word: IMPEACH

Barking car passes;
Driver looks very resigned
To her loud mouthed dogs.

Moss on dead tree's roots
Transform the rotting tree trunk
Into life again.

Shadow on the tree
Like a ghost waiting for me;
It's just a shadow.

Forest of fir trees
Has emerged in a few months.
It's unstoppable!

First, the wind is faint,
Then it gathers through the woods
Shouting its whisper.

Miniature forest
Lies hidden on a boulder.
Are we thus observed?

Green buds in the sun
Wave on the gentle spring breeze;
Lilacs wait their turn.

Whispering pine trees
Bend their heads close together;
Gossip about wind.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Light breaks through the mist;
Four goats enjoy the sunshine;
Shadows reappear.

Greedy water plant
Drinks deep from the running stream;
Its thirst is unslaking.

Working at his job
Woodpecker hammers away.
Lawn mower revs up.

Four honking wild geese
Silhouetted against sky
Make such a racket.

Timidly walking
She rushes in front of me--
Endless gulf between.

Small yellow flower
Pops up to greet the sunshine

From its bed of leaves.

On edge of the cliff
Roots of the dead tree still hold;
Death clinging to life.

A tender green sprout
Grows next to the giant tree
Dreaming its future.

Hopeful tufts of chives;
Soon they will disappear--
Purr of lawn mower.

Rustle in the bush--
Birds in the forsythia
Can't match its brilliance.

Poking through dead leaves
Purple flowers rear their heads.
Where did they come from?

The little Basset
Pokes its nose between the fence.
(It's always nose first).

Friday, April 27, 2007

Road is a mirror;
The spring rain has stopped for now;
Birds chirp joyously.

Sky is one big cloud
Embracing all in blue/gray,
Silhouetting trees.

Gentle falling mist
Kisses my face and eyebrows;
Whisper of wetness.

Shining mud puddles
Reflect the towering trees
And bring them to earth.

First red eft of spring
Stunned by the cold and vast road
Pauses to take stock.

The ghostly mountain
Hides behind a veil of mist.
Is it really there?

Lightly on a branch
A dove looks this way and that;
Graceful silhouette.

Softly plush and green
Moss cushions the ancient rock.
A fairy's pillow.

Black wires, spider trees,
Silhouettes cut through the sky.
Morning of starkness.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lump on a tree limb:
Fat bird sits on a bare limb
Then flutters away.

Sun filters through clouds,
Soft shadows fall on the road;
Distant furnace hums.

A cluster of trees,
One with moss, one with lichen
Unlike each other.

Riot of yellow--
Forsythia trumpets spring;
Birds soars out of bush.

Dark field guardians
Sit like statues on the grass.
When I stop, they growl.

Broken rotten stump
Covered with moss and lichen;
Now green rules the day.

Stone wall far below
Divides long forgotten claims,
Wanders aimlessly.

A fright of yellow
Standing spiky and alarmed--
Forsythia's here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yellow bursts--slate gray,
Dull day with forsythia;
Birds hoot and dogs bark.

Everything seems distant:
Bird trills, stream bubble, plane hum,
And the deep gray sky.

Faded pink ribbon
Hangs from the green leaved bush branch--
A distant glory.

Moss, leaves and ivy;
A myriad of green shades
Paint the forest floor.

A quiet grayness
Settles on the road and woods;
Rain is in suspense.

The two old beer cans
Lie in the woods head to head
Bemoaning their fate.

Chatter in the woods;
All talking at the same time--
Bird cacophony.

Fierce animal glares
Poised still among the dead leaves.
Oh! It's a tree stump.

It's the third season--
Phone book's still in the tree's crotch.
Still, nobody calls.

Thick gray hanging bells--
Shelf fungus on the old tree;
Steps for tiny birds.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rooster crows again
Sharp shadows on old barn wall;
Even clouds welcome.

Robin on bare branch
Sits as quiet as a stone.
Nearby stream rumbles.

Small yellow/green buds
Poke out along the bare branch--
Forsythia birth.

The old charred tree trunk
Stands next to its fallen limb--
Ancient lightening strike.

Ornament is back,
Hanging bright from the mailbox.
Christmas in April.

Small pines guard the path,
Just a whisper of a trail
That's going nowhere.

Small yellow flowers
Poke out from the dead brown leaves.
Daisies smile at spring.

Sun sparkled water
Trickles down musically.
Another spring voice.

White pickup speeds by;
White husky stands in the back
Looking bewildered.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Black spots on the slate:
Raindrops in the warm spring air;
A welcoming breeze.

There are three dogs now;
New dog jumps, barks, runs at me;
She's just visiting.

Main color is brown;
Dead leaves blanket the forest.
Little bursts of green.

Snow shovel face down;
Basketball lies further on.
What was and will be.

Light rain is falling,
Swiftly on the road and snow
Ticking and tapping.

A swooping cardinal
Glides swiftly across the road
And into the woods.

Thick white smoke ahead
Pours from the old house chimney.
Is there a new Pope?

Rings in the puddles;
Rain drops ping on the surface
Exploding circles.

Slim, straight, green clusters
Stand together--some drooping;
The first chives of spring.

A cry in the woods
Sounds like maniacal child.
What creature is this?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fresh snow on the ground;
Sky is ready to disgorge;
A wacky April.

Like a brown fur rug
Schnauzer curls up on the ground
Deep in doggy sleep.

Broken old wood fence;
Bottom rung lies on the ground,
Still good for leaning.

A few random flakes
Floating, spinning through the air
As if they are lost.

Mud puddles in snow--
Two seasons overlapping.
Permeable time.

Old dog on the road
Sits down, waits for me to pass;
We eye each other.

Two old black sphinxes
Sit side by side near the house--
Guard its mysteries.

A small pile of snow
Looks like curled up kid's white doll
Simply cast away.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Barn cat in the field
Stalks, black and white against brown;
Silly camouflage.

Forsythia stubs
Cut to clear the way for cars:
Slow nature/fast cars.

Blue and white ribbon
Hangs delicately from branch:
Surveyor's imprint.

It is cold today;
Wind and sun chase each other;
It's hard to find snow.

The last piles of snow
Stand around the fenced in woods:
"Posted: No Sunlight!"

How fast the sun flees
Leaving the world cold and gray.
Old black dog looks up.

Faint shadows below
Where the road begins to bend
Swiftly fade away.

Black dogs in the woods
Exploring the burgeoning smells
Eye me warily.

Small flat metal bell
Nailed to the old wooden pole;
Thoughts of old Ma Bell.

Brown rotten tree stump
Stands in front of rotten trunk
Next to firm stone wall.

Rushing stream rises
Shaking hanging ice finger.
How long will it last?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Time for gloves again;
Sun and clouds play hide and seek;
The wind ignores both.

How plain the field is:
Rolling brown grass and the wind
With gray sky above.

Sun breaks through the clouds
Bringing the hope of spring birth.
It's Easter Sunday.

Puddles have frozen;
Forest stands at winter's door.
Snow piles still clutter.

The whispering wind
Repeats its frozen message:
"Know! Know! Know! I'm here!"

Solitary flake
Floats aimlessly to the ground.
Now there are others.

Two puffing joggers
Strain as they run up the hill.
Do you call that fun?

"Ahead Stop Bus School"
The sign is turned upside down;
Is the bus also?

Cluster of pale turds
Lie together off the road.
They've survived winter.

Now the sun is out
Transforming winter to spring
In just an instant.

Snow flake in the sun
Lands on the page and then melts--
Very short life span.

Pup twirls in window
His yips muffled by the glass.
Is he nuts or what?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

White frost on the ground;
Nervous bird chirps and flutters;
Chill wind swirls around.

The shadows are dull;
Sun seems half hearted today.
What's it waiting for?

Roadside snow hangs on;
Frozen patches here and there.
Will it ever melt?

Today woods look deep;
Bare trees go on forever
In shadows and light.

Narrow old dirt road
Twists and bends into the woods
Where it joins the trees.

Dark shadow on bush
Looks like one more sumac bud.
Then it flies away.

My doggy friends bark;
They do not recognize me.
Am I different?

Each smiling, we pass
Beaming on the day's wonder--
Great to be alive.

Clear fingers of ice
Hang over the rushing stream.
Today, water rules.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Puddles in the field--
Yesterday's rain stays around
In the bright sun.

Fenced in bright white goose
Even brighter in the sun;
Rooster crows next door.

Tardy wood stove starts--
Smells like paper not like wood;
Winter is still here.

A saucy robin
Hops on the bush next to me;
It's fearless hunger.

Woods look like marsh land,
Dappled with pools of water;
Near unmelted snow.

Green haze in the woods--
Sun illumines grass and moss:
Harbingers of spring.

Beer can in the bush
Trapped, flung from a speeding car;
Nature's prisoner.

Beer bottle on hill
Must have taken a great throw
From misguided jock.

Brown U.P.S. truck
Lumbars down the old dirt road;
April Santa Claus.

White sign on a tree
Visible deep in the woods;
Just what could it say?

A dead splattered frog
In the middle of the road--
Early on all counts.

Return feels warmer;
Is it direction, time, wind
Or just coming home?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Same bend in the road;
Same mystery around it;
Some things never change.

Phantom on the tree;
Road breaks open like an egg--
Oh. It's April Fool.