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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The clouds disappear;
Shadows appear on the road.
The stone path glistens.

Murmur of a stream;
Limp ribbon hangs from a tree;
Signs of a rain storm.

White butterflies dance.
Flutter over blue flowers.
They don't seem to rest.

White fluff in window
Comes to life barking and yipping
And then settles down.

Woods are moist and green;
Leaves filter all the sunlight.
Rich smell is layered.

Small orange sparkles:
Jewel weed clusters by the road.
Truck does not notice.

Large poop in the road.
Must have been a giant dog
(Or something unknown).

Flies in eyes and ears;
What is it they hope to get?
They just piss me off.

Orange squashes on road:
Red efts that did not make it.
They keep on coming.

Mirrors by the road:
Rain puddles in the stream bed
Soon sink into earth.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beginning again
The long/short summer over
My haiku journey

Everything is still;
My steps return to the road.
Just where have I been?

Fence is lush with weeds;
The field billows with beige hay;
Fly buzzes in my ear.

The leaves shake gently;
Butterfly zags zanily;
The light is muted.

Jewel weed lines the road;
Old black dog still sleeps on porch;
Sun peeps through the clouds.

Acorns in the road
Scattered about playfully.
Where are the squirrels?

Bright blue chicory,
Orange jewel weed, Queen Anne's Lace,
Red Marlboro box.