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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bright flecks of sunlight;
Shy purple rhododendron
All in my front yard.

Clouds and sun play tag;
Buttercups shine anyway;
Hens cluck and chuckle.

Background stream music;
Patches of talk from a house;
Silent shadows fall.

Chatting with neighbor
Next to his magic moss lawn;
We are happy guests.

On the dark dirt path
Green glistening reflections:
A small mud puddle.

Serrated and green
Fern bouquet unfolds in the woods;
Slight breeze shakes the leaves.

Pastel violet blooms;
Soft unfolding mullein leaves;
Unceasing bird chirp.

Part of the tree now
Old phone book wedged in the limbs;
Wood to wood. Amen!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lawn mower humming;
Mama cow stands in barn door;
Her baby has gone.

Hanging from the fence,
A purple flower bouquet--
Garnishing of Spring.

Flowers are humming;
Bees suck the last lilac blooms
As busy as their sound.

Bend beckons again,

Marked by dark transient shadows;
Mystery ahead.

The forest is still;
Only shadows play in it,
Without a murmur.

Sweet smells in the air;
Flowers and trees spread their seed.
My nose is itching.

Deep hollow thumping--
Woodpecker on a bass drum.
He thinks it's a tree.

Solitary leaf
Emerges from the thin vine
As it climbs the tree.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kiss of the Morning

A light rippling breeze
Caresses my nose and lips--
Kiss of the morning.

Shining in the sun
A single yellow flower
Billowing brightness.

Basking in the shade,
Deep blue flowers assemble

Absorbing the dark.

Is it magic moss
Or the light play of shadows
On enchanted lawn?

They are all over
These shadows that paint the road;

Servants of the sun.

Below large green pine
Small brown seedling stands dying,
Much too close to home.

Mysterious pond
Dark, deep, filled with reflections,
Two feet off the road.

Woodpecker drills hard
His pointed beak hammers loud.
Does he wear ear plugs?

On a collision course
Butterfly heads straight towards me,
Swerves and flutters by.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shouts in the Sunshine

Shouts in the sunshine--
Kids in pre school play unseen.
From barn--radio.

The rough open barn door--
Amber glimpse of the front yard
Darkness looking out.

How fast the cars race
Whizzing past dandelion;
Deaf to the bird chirps.

Little black insects
Enjoy the shade of the trees
(And my eyes and nose.)

Dandelion bee
Crawls slowly over yellow.

Dead bunny in road.

White and yellow rule;
Little blue flowers catch up--
Nature's color war.

Many shades of green
Shift in the morning sun's rays;
Shadows through the leaves.

Somewhere a drum throbs;
Above, a plan hums loudly;
Flatbed roars to work.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A gray morning chill;
Lilacs glow in the dim air;

All the birds are hushed.

Across the slate sky
Two wild geese fly honking--
Flapping silhouettes.

She doesn't do much,
Mabel--silly Basset hound;
She knows how to bark.

On the old tree trunk

Flecks of red and white paper,
A long vanished sign.

Cluster of green leaves
Billowing open and lush
Burst out overnight.

Strange indigo stalks
Springing up on the road side4
Bear fluted flowers.

Raging waterfall
Tumbles down furiously--
Roadside rivulet.

Pale violet flower
Grows by itself near the road--
Single radiance.

Watching new born goat
As it drinks from its mother:
Two sets of kids here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lilacs grow like weeds
Appearing in new places,
A sweet purple tide.

Two wooden lawn chairs
Sitting as in communion
Reflect their owners.

It's darker than dusk;
Not a break in the thick sky.
Breeze carries sweetness.

Little white puff balls
Flowing out across the lawn:
Dandelion waves.

Eerie soft whirring--
Bicyclist whizzes past me
Whispering passage.

Flowers are humming;
Petals are shaking and trembling.
The bees are a blur.

Gone are the shadows;
Sharpness of sunlight gave way
To subdued softness.

Solitary drop
Lands, wet and cool, on my nose--
Instant refreshment.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mirrored, Shifting, Clear

Shiny water sheen
Glistens on the morning leaves.
Birds chirp and chatter.

Up on the dirt road
Black and white cat suns itself.
Nearby, hens cackle.

Three kinds of yellow
Are sprinkled across the field.
Above, lone goose honks.

Mirrored, shifting clear
Stream murmurs through lush green banks
Mumbling endlessly.

A mist of pale blue--
Small flowers suffuse the woods
Daunting the camera.

From small white petals
Tiny yellow blooms peek out--
A delicate reach.

Cluster of pale pink
Blushes in the morning sun.
There are no others.

Drops of water hang
From the tips of the lilacs.
Then the sun comes out.