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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unwatched or Cared For


 Sparse forsythia
Waving yellow in the wind,
Reflects the sunshine.


 Flash through a mirror;
I turn to see a runner
Jogging in the street.

Peeking through dead leaves
A green renewal of life.
(Some might call them weeds).

Unwatched or cared for
Delicate blue flowers spring
Through the winter's leaves.

Lying in the woods
A shiny pile of garbage.
Who could have done that?

Shadows in the road
Weave gently in the soft breeze;
Above, tall trees hum.

Stump congregation
Survived another winter--
Older and leaner.

The road is empty
Just as it was in deep snow.
Eh bien, plus ├ža change.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At Top--A Promise


 Those April showers
Are surely coming my way
As May approaches.


The porch is shiny
From the recent torrent of rain.
Cat chews his food.


Alfred comes calling;
We've been friends for a long time--
Bovine acquaintance.

Sky is breaking blue;
Clouds so slowly glide away,
Like smooth dance partners.


Greenish yellow bulbs:
Forsythia blossoms bloom
Slow and delicate.


 Sun transforms the road,
Casting its careless shadows;
(Then it vanishes).


Gentle drops of rain
Click softly on my jacket.
The clouds are winning.


 Bottom of the hill
Forsythia's in full bloom;
At top--a promise.



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sliding into Sunshine


 Incessant clucking--
Rooster is trying to talk.
Can't get the words out.


All of a sudden
I can see through my mirror.
(Washed it yesterday).


 Forsythia leaves
Sit on the edge of yellow;
Soon they will burst free.

The other sheep run,
But he comes trotting over.
(Black sheep or a goat?)

This mild cloudy day
Softened by a purring bird
Slides into sunshine.

Luscious green leaves hang
Over the steel chain link fence,
Looking for a rest.

Master carpenter
Ha drilled two holes in the tree--
Woodpecker bequest.

They do not shout,
Comfortable among the green--
These shy blue flowers.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Even Shadows are Gentle

 Now it's finally Spring;
Cars are swishing rapidly--
Two cows are kissing.

Front door is open;
A breeze so gentle blows through--
Inside meets outside.

Reflections in pond;
Sharp shadows on the house;
Rooster crows again.

Green buds are bursting
From their deep cold winter sleep;
In the blue Spring sky.

On this soft morning
Even shadows are gentle
In the muted breeze.

The rugged stone wall
Snaking up the mountain side
These many seasons.

Between pick up trucks
Jogger sings a wordless song
Tunefully and soft.


Ghost nuzzles Gina;
They both are happy campers
On this light Spring day.

Brown Now Rules the Woods [04182014]

 Soon it will be May
And this gray chill will be gone;
Well, it's not freezing.


Dog at my window
Carefully checks the outside--
And then he checks me.

 Clicking in the bush,
Trembling ever so slightly--
Small curious bird.


Blank and overturned
The empty pail seems washed out
Without a shadow.


 Across the steel fence,
Two parts of a rotten log
Broken and hanging.


Not a patch of snow;
Where whiteness covered the ground
Brown now rules the woods.

 Upturned and tangled,
Twisted jumble of branches--
Winter disaster.

What stories it tells,
Moss and lichen covered rock
Upturned from its sea.