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Monday, February 20, 2017

Heading for Springtime

Plant drips on the floor;
Too much water--just make it stop.
I'm not in control!

Dripping icicles;
Bright shadows on the snow;
It's getting warmer.

A blur of wild geese
Sails over the melting pond,
Heading for Springtime.

Under stream water:
Shapes of leaves and twigs appear.
Shadow or substance?

Dark patches of brown
Spread slowly through the forest;
Overtaking white.

Layer of light brown
Spreads out upon the white snow--
Epitaph for tree.

Perched high in the air
Spurting clouds of ground up wood--
Tall tree and small man.

Ice, snow and water;
Transitions in the forest
As melting begins.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Game of Darknessandlight

Birds pecking on snow;
Black spots across the white--
Action in stillness.

Squirrel at the feeder
Devours all that is there;
Then scurried away.

In the bright sunshine
Bare tree reclaims dimensions--
All three of them.

High in the blue sky
Cirrus clouds hang motionless
Waiting for a breeze.

Staring at unknown
Empty backyard snow filled bench,
Lit up by the sun.

Snow, sun and shadows
Play together in the woods
Game of darknessandlight.

"Out! Keep Out! Keep Out!'
Signs admonish empty woods.
Overhead, crows laugh.

Lazy snow creature
Sits silently on the stump,
Just waiting to melt.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Errands Etched in Snow

Outside all is blank;
Then, for an instant, sunshine--
Just for an instant.

Shadows on the snow;
Outside the blankness of white
With dark dimensions.

Long pillars of ice
Hang from the edge of my roof--
Crystalline and bright.

The path is beaten
To the barn and back again:
Errands etched in snow.

Framed by the tall trees
Clouds move imperceptibly
Across the blue sky.

Sprouting from the snow
Dead branches imitate life
In deep winter's freeze.

Shadows in the woods
Mix darkly with the sunshine;
Then both fade away.

Sawdust on the ground;
The loud sound of buzzing saws--
Work crews are busy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Echoing Itself

 Between two snow falls
The sky is both white and gray
Hanging expectant.

Bird feeder has blocked
Snow and kept its rightful place
Between two white drifts.

Gray dirty snow banks
Lie along side of the road;
Whiteness is fleeting.

Small mounds of white snow
Sit on the swings and the chairs.
(No bottoms until Spring).

House is forsaken;
Not even the driveway's plowed--
Snow's taken over.

Hands in his pocket,
He hums softly to himself
A deep tuneless bass.

Downward the crow flies
Mirroring leaf on the tree
Echoing itself.

Roadside stump snow man
Holds two steel spikes in its mouth;
(But cannot chew them).

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trumpeting from Trees

February 11, 2017

A blanket of white
With a billion small white flakes
In the sky below.

White bird across tree;
Instant flutter in the green.
The fir trees are still.

Icicles hanging
From the eaves of my front porch
Drip into the snow.

Lodged in the barn roof
A bouquet of dead branches
Raised high in the snow.

White capped and erect
Fence posts stand at attention
Around the bare field.

On the hard asphalt
Trees take their arborish time
To see reflections.

Branches in the snow,
Thrown, splayed, placed in position
By unknown artist.

Trumpeting from trees:
"No Trespassing" signs announce
Their powerlessness.

Two tracks in the snow
Fork, as they pass through tree trunk.
(One magic creature?)

February 12, 2017

They call it a "storm"--
But the wind is so gentle;
The snow so quiet.

White haze in the woods;
How many of these snowflakes
Persistently fall?

Waiting in the barn
Collette watches falling snow--
A mystery mist.

Bowing with weight
Queen Anne's Lace husks
Observe the snow fall.

A ribbon of white:
Yerry Hill Road yields now
To relentless snow.

There are no sounds now
Save for the distant barking
Of a pent up dog.

In every season
Water flows into the tub;
It has no reason.