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Saturday, December 08, 2018

The Kiss of Winter

"You looking at me?"
Lady cardinal regards me--
Then goes on eating.

A flurry of birds
Takes the place of the snow fall
Which is soon to come.

Still stuck in the leaves
Red piece of plastic survives
It its "out of" place.

Solitary bird
Perched on the electric  wire--
Poof! And then it's gone.

Small flower of ice
Blooms above the rushing stream.
(Beyond, water's calm).

Just the ice remains
At the bottom of the stream bed.
Winter takes its turn.

Large pile of stacked wood
Stands next to the empty house--
No people. No fire.

The field is frosted
With a layer of whiteness--
The kiss of winter.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

In State of No Mind

Bare forsythia
Lights up in the bright sunlight;
Winter meets the Spring.

Sunlight is so bright
That branches seem like shadows
Beneath the green fir.

Standing and chewing
Two cows seem meditative--
In state of no mind.

In front of the flock
Rooster walks in dignity.
He is number one.

The play of sunshine
On the rushing stream water
Echoes its soft song.

Wood fence is rippling
Soft shadows along the road;
Keeping out the ghosts.

High up in the woods
A flat slab sits on a stump.
(What is the purpose?)

Its head on the ground
Excavator takes a rest,
Its mouth full of food.

Monday, December 03, 2018

December Spring Time

 Shadows disappear;
Sun's hiding behind the clouds;
Wind chime swings softly.

Warm enough for Spring;
Yet it's early December;
Where has the time gone?

Through the wire fence
Reflections in the puddle--
The sky is on earth!

The fuzzy bear crawls
Slowly across the wide road;
He's five months too late.

Piled against the fence
Some melting snow piles remain:
December Spring time.

The two trash cans lie
Beyond the fallen globe post.
(There is no one home.)

Fungi congregate
Taking food from the tree stump:
A circle of life.

A drop of liquid
Falls softly upon my lip;
Is it rain or snow?

Saturday, December 01, 2018

That Light is Temporal

A flurry of birds
Gathers around the feeder;
They keep on coming.

Sun's ruling the clouds;
Snow banks seem like yesterday.
Still, it's December.

Shadows etch the trees
Leaving temporary marks
Just for an instant.

The birds seem to know
When the weather is joyful;
They keep on singing.

A cloud blocks the sun
Giving us a reminder
That light is temporal.

Fallen fence post points
Through the shadows to the ladder
Which scales the tree tops.

The moss covered rock
Now hosting some new green plants
Sits soft in the sun.

Hanging in the woods
Flags of many colors wave
Without a purpose.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Only the Wind Moves

Just a few white dots
Sail softly through the gray air.
(Will there be millions?)

Old bird feeder rests
Against the forsythia.
Does it wait for Spring?

Snorfling her food
Olivia stands in the door
Calm and unperturbed.

Flecked with fallen leaves;
Framed with mosaic patterns--
Winter ice puddle.

Ice wind up the road;
The dead leaves are all frozen;
Only the wind moves.

My friend stops to chat;
He sits in the car, I stand;
I feel much warmer.

The fallen speed sign
Lies uncommunicative,
Its message now mocked.

Fallen garbage can
Held in a permanent thrall
By its cold steel chains.