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Friday, February 22, 2019

Some Things Never Change

 Drip, drip, dripping drops
Fall in a stream from the eaves.
It's melting time here.

Tail of a cardinal
Hangs down from the bird feeder
Motionless eating.

Collette seems happy
As Olivia licks her;
Some things never change.

Two solar panels
Cast their shadows in the sun--
Opposites attract.

A chorus of birds
Chirps and sings to each other
Each in their own tongue.

Tumbled garbage cans--
From the snow plows or the snow?
Only the cans know.

In the empty woods
Just trees,  snow and shadows live;
Wind is blowing through.

The young pine sapling
Bends down and kisses the ground
And keeps on growing.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Something Awakens

Even snow seems gray
On this February day.
Where has the sun gone?

The bird feeder swings
Even without any birds--
No wind--must be ghosts.

Filthy banks of snow
Bird seeds scattered on my porch--
Winter detritus.

Between the snow banks
Stream sparkles its way forward--
Cheerful melting sound.

Sounds of rushing streams
Burbling ever onward;
The world is melting.

In the dappled woods
Snow and water coexist--
Merging at border.

Forest is restless;
Birds are shouting from all sides;
Something awakens.

Young sprouts are rising
In the everflowing tub;
Is spring forever?


Monday, January 28, 2019

To Cover the Earth

Large white flakes of snow
Drifting slowly to the earth
Seem in no hurry.

One, two, a billion
Silent white flakes descending
To cover the earth.

Striding through the flakes
Collette comes to say hello
Without moo or snort.

Misting the forest
With a soft and silent light:
A billion snow flakes.

Now the road's endless,
A soft and silent tube
Graced by the snow flakes.

Footprints on the snow:
Record of where I have been
(But not where I go).

Hollow shots are fired
Deep, deep in the snow filled woods;
And then, just silence.

Young evergreen tree
Shedding its color for white
Enjoys the snow fall.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Traveler! Watch Out!

From walks of January 23 and January 25, 2019

Harris Wofford's dead--
Another piece of my life
Gone....gone...with the wind.

A blue gray white light
Fills the landscape of white snow;
Birds fly back and forth.

Beyond broken fence
Rooster crows in his comfort,
But no hens respond.

There are no ripples
On the frozen stream's surface
And no sounds below.

Its mouth opened wide
Not filled with any letters
Settles for some snow.

Neither this nor that--
Gray world hovers between them;
Will it rain or snow?

They're hanging between:
Transparent crystal drops--
Liquid or solid?

Lying on the bank
With air of insouciance:
Dead leaves reclining.

Bright sun shines on snow;
Scattered cloud puffs in the sky;
Birds swoop in and out.

Christmas ornament
Hangs a month after Christmas
With its memories.

I fall on my ass
And get up slowly and walk--
My show must go on!

Treacherous ice lies
Looking very innocent.
(I've learned my lesson).

Stream is flowing,
Breaking and dissolving ice
Rushing who knows where?

Where is St. Francis?
Almost concealed by the snow.
His faith sustains him.

Water on the ice
Shines prettily in the sun--
Traveler! Watch out!!

Through trees and windows
Woods beyond car can be seen;
Always the forest.