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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Even Shadows are Gentle

 Now it's finally Spring;
Cars are swishing rapidly--
Two cows are kissing.

Front door is open;
A breeze so gentle blows through--
Inside meets outside.

Reflections in pond;
Sharp shadows on the house;
Rooster crows again.

Green buds are bursting
From their deep cold winter sleep;
In the blue Spring sky.

On this soft morning
Even shadows are gentle
In the muted breeze.

The rugged stone wall
Snaking up the mountain side
These many seasons.

Between pick up trucks
Jogger sings a wordless song
Tunefully and soft.


Ghost nuzzles Gina;
They both are happy campers
On this light Spring day.

Brown Now Rules the Woods [04182014]

 Soon it will be May
And this gray chill will be gone;
Well, it's not freezing.


Dog at my window
Carefully checks the outside--
And then he checks me.

 Clicking in the bush,
Trembling ever so slightly--
Small curious bird.


Blank and overturned
The empty pail seems washed out
Without a shadow.


 Across the steel fence,
Two parts of a rotten log
Broken and hanging.


Not a patch of snow;
Where whiteness covered the ground
Brown now rules the woods.

 Upturned and tangled,
Twisted jumble of branches--
Winter disaster.

What stories it tells,
Moss and lichen covered rock
Upturned from its sea.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Small Buds are Bursting


Near the Subaru
Sprung up very recklessly--
The first crocuses.

Is it springtime yet?
Softening slant of sunshine;
Memory of snow.

Forsythia buds
Seething with small vibrancy
Poke out at the sun.


 Billy goat watches
Taking time from his grass snack
To pose for picture.


On the tips of the bushes
Small buds are bursting.


Flash of white and brown--
One, two or maybe three deer;
Then only silence.

A dark open door
To a dark interior
Where nothing awaits.

The old drainage pail
Has become a work of art
With just a few stones.


Peepers in the Snow [Walk of Wednesday, April 16]

 It snowed yesterday;
Today the icicles drip;
Tomorrow? Who knows?

White roof on birdhouse;
A Currier and Ives print\
On April 16!

Spring comes through the snow;
White again turns to green;
Bright sun in the blue sky.

Rough wind on the road
Murmurs coldly in myear
Words without meaning.

Wreckage on the road--
Animal or vegetable?
Bird, squirrel or tree branch?

Woods are peppered white,
Covered with last night's snow fall.
(A late April Fool).

The snow drops are gone;
In their place new chives emerge.
Spring keeps marching on.

Perched on the pavement
The dry leaf casts its shadow.
Moment of stillness.

A high pitched chorus
Comes from the unfrozen pond--
Peepers in the snow!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Drowning Out the Sun

Air purifier
Hums loudly on the inside
Drowning out the sun.

 Restful the sunshine
Touching the tops of the trees
Which twitch in response.


 A dog on my chair?
What will be there tomorrow,
A few kangaroos?

 A piece of old fence,
Evergreens and some sunlight:
A fairy portal.


  Ice is forgotten,
Melted in the sound of the stream's
Liquid obsession.


 Surviving snow banks--
Filthy, gray at the road side,
Still hide from the sun.


Wood man in the tree,
Eyes hooded, watches the road
With eternal stare.


 Does the jogger feel
Anything but her fatigue
As she puffs past woods?