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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

(Or Random Bird Shit?)

Subdued sunshine morn
Sunshine without light appears,
Green grass is silent.

There are no shadows;
They have disappeared from light.
(Just where have they gone?)

Daisies take over
Even whiter in dim skies--
Brightness without sun.

Ready for a trip,
Excitement is electric.
(Going for a walk).

On Laurie's pond
Bush with white flowers prevails,
Stout and dominant.

Slowly they're fading
With darkness as their center
Against the bright white.

Jackson Pollack here,
Splashed upon the winding road?
(Or random bird shit?)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

In Each Other's Light

Moving leaves seem still;
The silence of the sun's rays
Lay peace upon the ground.

Looking to the lawn,
Leaf shadows shimmer above it
And all is silence.

The lone pink flower
Flourishes next to Buddha
In each other's light.

Chirping voices sound:
Look! The kids are back again;
There is only play.

The firm steel street sign
Hosts the flexible green plants:
Hard and soft unite.

Strewn across the road;
White flowers that have fallen,
Sprinkled road bouquet.

Monday, June 18, 2018

A Journey! A Trip!

Cars rush silently;
(It's near ninety degrees);
Leaves shake in the breeze.

Bug outside window
Flying back and forth and back;
Where is it going?

Basking in the sun:
Dead old log covered with green;
Life and death combine.

A long line of kids
Chattering down the road--
A journey! A trip!

Like a wild tundra
Plants climb over the borders--
It's Susan's backyard.

Woodpecker's tom tom
Beats its own hollow tattoo
From an unseen place.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Now, A Zebra Cow

Mad dogs, Englishmen--
I go in the noon day sun.
(Not an Englishman).

Sun bleeds through the leaves;
Small bug ascends to the sky;
Bird flies back and forth.

Bird parent flurry
Feeding their unseen chicklets--
A constant action.

Collette and shadows
Merge in the mid day sunshine--
Now, a zebra cow.

Blue and abandoned
Newspaper lies at path's bottom.
(Could still be winter.)

Burst of white flowers
Stands next to woodpeckered trunk;
Who is guarding whom?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Shadows Leave the Road

Bright and dim again--
Sunlight playing with the clouds
(And with my moods, too.)

Wind chimes sing faintly,
Their silence a memory.
(Which is their presence?)

Sing their song on my front lawn.
Rhododendrons fade.

Fence nearly concealed
With the growth of new green plants:
Soft wins over hard.

Whisper in the wind,
Faint as to be imagined;
Shadows leave the road.

Bloom bedecked mail box
Waits for the delivery.
(It's already there.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Viewed by a Shadow

Rhododendron peeks
From under the porch railing 
Viewed by a shadow.

 A lone tiny bug
Rises gently in the air
Brightened by the sun.

The hardworking cows
Prepare for the next party
By mowing the lawn.

Dandelion puff
Stands next to blooming blue blooms:
The old and the new.

The first buttercup;
Beacon by the the roadside:
Am I loveable?

Bouquet of flowers
Grows wild by the roadside,
Free, unattended.

Through the warm morning
Joggers pound the road with speed;
(But they don't seem tired.)

Within its body
Dead rabbit hosts the maggots:
Death feeding new life.