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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Be Aware Below!

Coffee roaster roars
Making morning wake up smells--
Outside-gray sunlight.


The porch flower pot
Is full of Spring surprises:
Miniature forest.


Between the trash cans
A sprinkling of pine cones:
Evergreen garbage.

As Spring continues
Queen Anne's husk waves in the wind--
Proud old lady.

Central Hudson man
Makes his unpopular stops
In the dead of morn.

Where have the bears gone?
They never come to visit.
(I can only hope.)

Seeming nonchalant
Hawk floats slowly in the sky.
Be aware below!

On the bare tree trunk
A small forest is growing--
The moss has a home.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring and Winter Meet

Sunlit waving trees;
Wind chimes push their melodies
Down the dappled road.

Old strawberries bring
The faint taste of yesterday--
Of a sun that's set.

 Swift streams in the woods
Gather in the morning sun,
Joining together.

Brisk wind up the road
Slams me sharply in my face,
Then caresses it.

White rippling clouds
Shine in the instant pond--
As above-below.

Almost no snow now;
Shadows fall on naked road;
Tall trees sway softly.

Filling with water,
Stream bed picks up where it left--
Joining its sisters.

Old dead mother stump
Covered with moss and small plants
Brings forth life again.

Two crows in the tree
Rest a while from their cries,
Still as black statues.

Some snow banks remain,
More gray in their countenance
Than white memories.

Without a burble
Road side stream wends its way down
From an unknown source.

Dead leaves in water;
Evergreen branch now turned brown;
Spring and winter meet.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Snow Banks Fade Away

Sun lit strawberries
Sit on my kitchen table
As the birds grab seeds.


Flashing in the sun--
Translucent wings fluttering
Swiftly as the light.


Snow banks fade away,
Just dirty little remnants
Of a white winter.


Knot holes in the trees
Give dimensionality
And secret portals.

It leans each winter
Road sign veering to the left--
Defeated by the snow.

Three newspapers lie
At the end of the driveway
Untouched and unread.

Three nails and blank wood
Mark the sign without meaning.
The letters are gone.

Snow drops  keep rising
On the soft moistened spring earth.
Marking the season.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Roadside Driftwood

Another gray day;
Not a small speck of sunshine--
The price of Springtime.


The fat chickadee
Sits on the seeds, eats his fill.
(Uh oh! Here comes the squirrel!)


What's that on my chair?
A new form of fluff pillow?
Percy--the Schnauzer!


 Sun and clouds playing;
Each determining the other.
Light over darkness.


The wind is roaring;
Leaves are thrown into the sky;
The phone lines tremble. 

Chickens in the woods
Follow each other's asses,
(As chickens will do)

Puddle has transformed;
It has become a small pond--
Incipient lake.

 Pointing to the north,
Dead branch lies at the wood's edge;
A roadside driftwood.

Dead stump convention
Melts further into the earth;
Soon it will be gone.

My backyard vista
Stretches from the East to West--
My own universe.

Dry leaves on the road
Skitter swiftly on the road.
(Is this Fall or Spring?)

The wind's behind me;
I'm blown gently up the road--
Like a heavy leaf.