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Monday, September 18, 2017

The Small Jogger Jogs

A single leaf falls
Floating swiftly towards its end;
Then others follow.

Time of falling leaves
At all angles of my sight;
They come in short bursts.

 Two small bites
On the rhododendron leaves--
Some other's breakfast.

Olivia's head
Where Collette's ass has just been;
Some bovine magic!

Beneath the billows
Of the great vibrant tree
The small jogger jogs.

One sign and one light
Transform the long dirt driveway.
A small miracle!

Clean, bright and ghost white,
Mushrooms cling to the tree trunk;
An angel's harvest.

Dry puddle of leaves
Lies at the side of the road:
An Autumn pavement.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunlight is Trembling

Sunlight is trembling
On leaf outside my window;
Then they both are still.

Green and orange leaves
Shimmer in the morning sun;
Yellow leaves float down.

Rhododendrons drops
Shine in early morning sun;
(They glisten their death.)

Collette says hello
And I return the greeting;
(Both of us silent.)

Chicory's open
To sun and passing cars--
Embraces the world.

Vibrant violet bloom
Surrounded by protection
Glows in the sunshine.

Shadows on the stump
Make particular patterns
With their own ink brush.

Red sumac still stands
Dryer and much fainter, now;
Still points to the sky.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Breaking its Long Fall

Still working at it
Bumble bee extends his nose
To take in the flower.

Sparkles in the sun--
Spider has caught some dew drops
In his passive web.

Blue chicory rules;
Pampas plumes assert brilliance;
I am home again.

Leaves glowing yellow
As morning light shines through them:
Delicate dying.

Spice is in the air
Swirling into my nostrils--
Just for a moment.

Brilliant white cluster
Embraces a dead brown leaf,
Breaking its long fall.

Brown leaves are glowing
In the afternoon sunshine--
Their last hurrah.

Autumn shadows fall
Together with floating leaves
On the peaceful road.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where St. Francis Stood

A gorgeous Spring day;
Sunlight surrounds everything;
Sadness in my heart.

I am almost packed.
It has become easier;
Buttercup trembles.

Where are my cow friends?
I wanted to say goodbye.
(They're mowing the lawn.)

Billy goat watches,
Trying to gather my scents
While staring at me.

Flowers guard the stream
With their soft white foliage.
Light and sound get through.

Where St. Francis stood:
Random growth of purple flowers. 
His spirit remains.

Barren roadside pond
Brings forth solitary plant.
Can you imagine?

In this plush season
The roadside stream is covered
By luscious green plants.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Have They Lost Their Place?

Patches of sunshine
Always occupy my lawn
These early June days.

Outside my window
Loud sounds of a bird chirping
Larger than the bird.

New dandelions
Bloom near downed lilac petals--
Comings and goings.

Each in their own door
Collette and Olivia
Stare nonchalantly.

It's almost gone now--
Green petals take over the stream.
But its sound remains.

Congregate by the steel fence--
Yellow, white and gray.

These dead brown leaves lie
Mid the roadside greenery.
Have they lost their place?

Stepping into shade
The roadside heat disappears
(Just for a few steps.)