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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Does Buddha Look Pissed?


Dead moth in my bowl--
It's a sign or an omen:
Put the bowl away.


Does Buddha look pissed
Sitting on junky table?
(Maybe it's just me).



How the green light shines,
Twinkling with the leaves it shakes;
Bowing so gently.


Two puff balls growing,
Fall apart in their softness;
Too late to eat them.


Susan's jungle grows;
Now the fence cannot be seen;
Will the house be next?


 Mooing through the trees,
Olivia watches me,
Then she moos again.

On the wire fence
Lonely bloom seems to be caught;
Just doing its thing.

Another mushroom
Grows in plain sight on my lawn;
(When did it arrive?)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Home Again


Autumn radiance
Shining through the August leaves
Paints a clear green light.

 Barely a murmur
Of leaves trembling in the breeze
In morning commune.


Bright blue chicory
Guards the edge of the road
Trumpeting the Fall.


Time of the pampas
Shining silver on the road
Subduing the field.


Ready to disgorge
A mouthful of eager blooms:
Mother Queen Anne's Lace.


Billowing softness;
Whisper's distance from the road:
A bush of white clouds.


 With dedication
Olivia munches on;
The whole field is hers.

A form in the frame?
Or was it just a knocking?
Questions from the road.

Robins on the lawn
Moving with unusual haste--
Hop, peck, back and forth.

It's almost noon now,
Wednesday morning is finished--

Munching their shadows:
Olivia and Collette
Always consuming.

Roaring in shadows
Metal beasts devours woods;
Trees become sawdust.

Grass taking over;
There's no car and no people--
The abandoned house.

Flashes of green light
Cut across the forest floor--


Waiting and equipped
Trampoline stands in tension;
No jumping bodies.


Field of goldenrod
Lights up the sleepy road
Whispering "awake"!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

("How Do I Get Out?")

In the bird feeder:
"How did I get into this?"
("How do I get out?")

Daisies on my lawn
Together with the rabbit.
What will be there next?

Dandelions grow
Now! In the middle of June;
Seasonal upset.

Buttercups, clover
Mysterious Iris--
A late spring palette.

Welcoming balloons
Sway in the late morning breeze--
A party somewhere.

Couple of spiked plants
Grow pleasantly side by side. 
I go to touch. Ow!

They will not drop off--
Brown leaves hanging from the limps
Next to the green ones.

Near abandoned shack
Plants grow diligently up;
Will they reach the roof?

Monday, June 06, 2016

After the Deluge

Sprinkle of sunshine
On the glistening green grass--
After the deluge.

Translucent colors
Shine through the leaves this morning--
Varied shades of green.

Right next to my house
Forest looks so deep and dark;
Right next to my house.

Against green tumble
Four  white daisies poke their heads;
Civilizing wild.

Hopping on the road
Bird melts into the shadows
And then disappears.

A buzzing deer fly;
One pebble in my sandals;
Disrupt paradise.

Meeting on the road
We're two fellow voyagers--
Box turtle and I.

Stream bed is shining;
Long thirst has been satisfied
With buckets of rain.