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Friday, September 29, 2017

Seasonal Lighting

Clouds are moving in;
Leaves tremble on their branches.
Change is in the air.

Sudden sun breaks through;
Clouds have traveled somewhere else.
Morning is bright now.

Olivia's strange--
Mounts Collette--and they're both girls.
"Ought to be a law!"

Last short sleeved shirt walk
Until 2018.
(And late Spring at that.)

Kangaroo'd child
Asleep in her mother's shirt
Without a whimper.

Still white but dimming--
Puff flowers fade towards Autumn:
Seasonal lighting.

Ancient roadside pond
Is roadside pond no longer.
Water is missing.

Green ferns and brown ferns
Hang together side by side--
Their chronology.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Or Am I Stranger?

 Mushrooms on my lawn;
They're strangers in a strange land;
Or am I stranger?

Black eyed Susans spring
From just outside my back porch--
Unbidden bouquet.

Three crows sitting still
On top of the old bare tree;
Then one flies away.

First Fall fuzzy bear
Predicts a mild winter;
Second one the same.

Bright red berries hang
Shining brightly in the sun;
(Their only purpose.)

With a jaunty walk
She disappears round the bend.
Just her flavor stays.

Dappled dark shadows
Light up the familiar road
Pulling me towards home.

Red leaf, blue flower
Light up their patch of the road--
An Autumn instant.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Without a Whimper

 Stomach butterflies
On this glorious morning.
Yes, it's all inside.

Sunlight is silent--
It falls on the leaves and trees
Without a whimper.

Everyone is out
On this most welcoming day;
(Thought it was my road)

Jogger with her dog
Disappears on down the road,
Just to reappear.

Orange canopy
Alive in the morning sun;
(Even though it's dead)

Dragonfly wings shine
With bright nervous energy;
And then he's away.

No jogger, no dogs--
The road is silent again;
Only the woods sing.

Orange patch shimmers--
Alive in its own stillness:
Butterfly at rest.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Eternity Now!

Will it never end--
This luscious,warm Fall weather?
It seems eternal.

Twinkle in the sun--
Spider web strands shake and shine.
Never a spider.

Last green in the Spring;
Last turning orange in Fall.
Tree has its own time.

Lone crow walks the road
Just like a pedestrian;
(Until a car comes)

A delicate weave--
Slender, silver, fluffy strands:
Pampas tapestry.

Coal black and alone--
Rotten tree stump still standing--
Decay's dignity.

Three crows on a tree;
They sit still like black statues.
Then one flies away.

Suspended in air,
Leaf is caught by my camera:
Eternity now!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Is the Grass Greener?

A single brown leaf
Floating down past my window
Causes no ripples.

Dead leaf lying still
In rhododendron's embrace
Looks like its at home.

Collette cranes her neck
To other side of the fence.
(Is the grass greener?)

Pregnant milkweed pod
Opens in the bright sunlight
Revealing its child.

The road is silent--
Only a soft tuneless voice
Whispered by the woods.

Even sharp thistles
Become soft, white and silken
To send forth new life.

Shadows on the trees,
Sharper than the leaves, themselves,
Carve distinct darkness.

Soft tap tapping;
Distant thrum of unseen plane;
Then silence returns.