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Friday, March 24, 2017

Ticking Falls Down

 Grayish blue today;
Sunlight hides behind the clouds.
Everything is still.

It's not like a lamb,
This shifting end of the month.
It's more like a ghost.

Through the dark barn door
Light shines from the other end,
Only seen in dark.

Ticking falls down;
Not the silence of snow flakes--
Soft tapping of sleet.

Cutting through the sky
Faint calling to each other
Wild geese return.

It's getting darker;
Forest is singing louder;

Snow covered wood pile
Next to abandoned stable;
Waiting for some use.

Tiny ice pellets
Falling freely from the sky:
"Tic tic tic tic tic."

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A True Bovine Kiss!

 The air is blue gray,
Yet there is a hint of sun-
The Spring Equinox.

Smell of fresh coffee
On my finger tips today--
Smoking memories.

Holes in the snow bank
Illustrate the march of Spring.
Melting has begun.

Perched on a branch
Crow caws into empty air.
(There is no response).

Collette and her friend
Make their morning affections--
A true bovine kiss!

Sinking into snow
Pine cones lie beneath the tree
Looking bedraggled.

Shadows seem softer
As clouds filter the sunlight
In the quiet woods.

Trapped in the brambles
Large ball of snow imprisoned.
Strong sun will free it.

Whisper of an arch
As a tree limb bends over
To touch another.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Transient Nature Shows

Slow, a car slips past--
Whooshing, and then it's not there;
Transient nature shows.

Last day of winter,
But snow doesn't seem to know,
Lying on the ground.

Peeling from the trees
Snow makes ready to collapse
In face of the sun.

Spring is really here:
Mabel's outside and barking.
(She's forgotten why).

Slowly descending,
Long white line in the blue sky,
Without a murmur.

Both sides of the road
Hidden deep in the forest,
Mourning doves whimper.

Perched on a snow bank
Frozen and vividly brown:
A fresh pile of dog shit.

Dark brown and waiting,
Buds at the end of branches
Holding their treasures.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Even White is Dull

Dim and gray today;
No sunlight shines anywhere.
Even white is dull.

Small red globe hanging
Above rotten green pepper.
(Humans interfere).

Collette eats a bag
While Olivia scratches.
What's right with this scene?

Snow plow and blizzard
Have toppled the garbage cans,
Lying quietly.

The stream is silent-
Scattered group of white islands 
Lie on still darkness.

Soft gray shadows fall
As sun filters through the clouds;
Then turn dark and sharp.

Tiny roadside pond
Is just a stain on the ground.
All water has fled.

Birds on the fence post
Disappearing suddenly.
(Were they ever there?)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Whiteness Without End


 So soft it's falling,
Soft and white the falling snow--
Whiteness without end.

Clouds of falling white
Swirl around my front window.
They race through the air.

It's St. Patrick's Day,
But everything is is bright white.
The green is inside.

Shadows on bright snow--
Branches twisting on the ground
In two dimensions.

Collette's eating snow;
Olivia bites herself.
All's well in the world.

Small snow boulders stand
Carved by the rays of the sun--
Looking eternal.

Swiftly rushing stream
Is now covered by deep snow;
Just a hole remains.

No green in the woods;
Just black shadows and white snow,
And deep winter peace.

How long will it grow,
This icicle on the porch?
(Sky's not the limit.)

Sinuous shadows
Roll over the round snow banks
Making them rounder.