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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Poignant Farewell


The sun is shining!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
Bright light in my heart.

Last walk before camp;
Still I look out the window;
Has anything changed?

The squirrel is punchy;
He runs up a tiny tree.
Must be the sunshine.

Happy frogs in pond
Belch out their throaty chorus.
They must like sunshine.


Painting on the road;
Who was the hidden artist--
Big bird or leaked truck?


My footsteps seem softer;
The shadows seem more friendly--
A poignant farewell.

Hidden mountain path
Comes to life in the sunlight;
Leaves are translucent.


Bright drops of water
Hang on the shimmering leaves;
Breeze shakes rain from trees.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Such Rude Intrusion

Outside the window
Immense fern plant is growing.
Presence of the past.

Before I go out
Celtic music is playing--
Mellows  the sunshine.

The darkened footpath
Remembers yesterday's rain;
The daisies do not.

The purple flowers
Sucked dry by the happy bee;
Pond frog goes "Bo-eenk"

A roadside tippler--
Sans drinker; sans cup; sans toutes
Except straw and lid.

Gray clouds have moved in
Without knocking or calling;
Such rude intrusion.

Red eft on the road
Sitting there without a motion;
Does he know of cars?

Fallen white petals
Sprinkled under the flowers;
Wind will set them free.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Roadside Cornucopia

Clouds and sunshine bits;
Sugar on kitchen table;
Cool spring morning. 

Fifty-five degrees--
And this is the sixth of June!
Season's weirdness.

Munching buttercups
Alfred tries to eat the lawn.
Maybe he'll succeed.

Flowers and the fence;
Living stems twined round iron;
Mixing elements.

Rust orange and green--
Two kinds of leaves together
Living in silence.

Overturned trash can:
Roadside cornucopia
For impolite bears.

Wet fuzzy white stuff
Lying in the crotch of the plants.
Is it angel spit?

A whiff of chlorine;
Where could it be coming from
On the wicked breeze?

Singular daisy
In a field of buttercups
Enjoys solitude.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Gossip of Asters

Patterns on my lawn
Are etched by the morning sun;
They are still for now.


The top of the bush
Disappears in the bright sun.
(Light trumps over form)

Gentle puff of wind
Touches my face and the leaves;
Kiss of gentle ghost.


 Frogs in the small pond,
Belching their silly chorus
Enthrall each other.

Gentle the sunshine;
How welcoming the shadows
On this perfect day.

A path in the woods?
Or is it a dry stream bed?
Or fairy highway?

Asters like to group
In funny little clusters
Of gossiping blooms.

Soft humming of wheels:
Bicyclist whirrs fast towards me,
Then he disappears.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Trembles So Slightly

 Brief break of sunshine
After night of heavy rain;
Then, the clouds close in.


This very window
Through which the universe comes--
Faces me again.


My rhododendron--
Flowers are now skeletons;
Leaves are still thirsty.

Tall grasses have bowed
Under the heavy rain's weight.
Buttercups stand up.

Swollen rushing stream
Tumbles swiftly to somewhere--
Perhaps an ocean.

Drop of rain water
Suspended in a spider's web
Trembles so slightly.

Moist smell fills the air;
Puddles run by the road side;
Forest seems darker.


Four friends have stopped me;
Each driving by in their car.
My lone walk is blessed.

Friday, June 01, 2012

How Many Meters


Shadows on white barn;
Morning sun touching leaves;
No sound from outside.


Tumble of my room;
Outside, pine trees bow gently.
I need to go out.


 In front of the fence
A lone daisy flourishes;
The road is silent.

Only the shadows
Occupy the silent road.
A dog starts to bark.

The stupid deer fly
Thinks my hair is a flower.
(Flower with a hand!)

Beyond the forest
Invisible birds calling.
What are they saying?

Prehistoric ferns
Still grow in the sunny woods.
They must be tired.

How many meters
The fluttering of my thoughts?
Deer fly reminds me.