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Friday, April 27, 2012

Winding to Nowhere

 Victor is talking,
Sun shining through the window;
Then, sound of coffee.

Sun on the table
Bounces off the magazines;
Outside branches bow.

Alfred tries to nurse;
Olivia doesn't care;
Then, enough's enough.
One second it's dark;
Next second the road lights up;
Now, it's dark again.

My shadow's ahead,
Brought to life by the sun light;
Then it fades away.

When the road turns dark
And the shadows have disappeared
Wind rules the forest.

With mouth always full
Belle runs towards me wagging tail--
Oral fixation.

Winding to nowhere:
Abandoned electric wire
Wraps around a tree. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Light is Deceptive

Light is deceptive;
Sun shines through the lush leaves.
Still, I know it's cold.


It is almost May;
The two cows play in the field.
They both like the sun.


Squawking voices sound;
Is it children or chickens?
I just can't be sure.

Drinking in the sun,
Yellow blooms shine in the field
Reflecting it back.

Dog walks the woman
Pulling her across the road;
A real tug of war.

Wrapped around the fence--
Lush green plant grows lustily
Using the support.

Even shy blue blooms
(Whether they like it or not)
Must face the sunshine.


The road side ditch shines
With faint trickling water;
(Further on, it's dry].

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Forsythia Down

Snow showers, they say,
In this last week of April;
Green leaves are shining.

 It rained for two days
But the sun has not forgot
To light up morning.


Pretty white flowers
Dot the green on my front lawn;
Hazel barks again.

Forsythia down;
Yellow petals line the road--
New season is here.

 Juicy white flowers
Born in a couple of days--
Cluster of round blooms.

 Like soft barnacles
Mushrooms spring in the tree trunk
Swelling in whiteness.

 Road has become dark;
Cold gray clouds cover the sky;
Maybe it will snow.

After the rain fall
Small streams sit by the road side
Waiting to be pushed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

From the Dusty Dirt

Will it rain or shine?
It's like a passing movie.
Now the leaves tremble.

My morning sadness
Doesn't have a real reason.
(What does that matter?)

Dueling roosters crow
While butterfly flutters by;
The gray sky is soft.


Stand of yellow blooms
Huddle brightly in the field;
First frog in the stream.

From the dusty dirt
Tiny pale flowers emerge,
Faint enough to miss.


He walks with two canes
Focusing on his journey
On Yerry Hill Road.


Woodpecker rattling
Somewhere in grove of dead trees;
Unseen as always.

A silence descends;
Only the faintest breeze blows;
Road shadows are still.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Like a Passing Car


Light leaps on the lawn
In long yellow soft patches.
Can't wait to go out.


Victor and Erin
Drink coffee in my kitchen;
A new morning treat.


 Rooster crows loudly
In the early morning sun;
Laury comes with dogs.

 The road is mellow;
Even the shadows seem soft;
The woods are quiet.

Fluted white flowers
Placed in perfect symmetry:
Clover by the road.


As my mind wanders
Road beneath me vanishes
Like a passing car.

One bird keeps calling;
Does not wait for the answer
Which will never come.


 Plane roaring above
Is no louder than my shoes
Pounding on the ground.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Season are We?


Forsythia still;
Bt the lilacs have not bloomed;
What season are we?

The white fluffy bush
Dominating my front yard;
I don't know it's name.

Dandelion sun
Shines in shade or near the road
Shedding yellow light.

A curious goat
Sticks his nose out of the fence.
Just what does he want?

Lazy gentle breeze
Tickles the forsythia
And goes on its way.

Why do they hang so:
Yellow umbrella leaves
Drooping since winter? 

Spread out near the dust
A blanket of blue flowers
Takes its own measure.

Framed against heaven
White flowers reach for the blue
Have no clouds to touch.