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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yellow Blooms Prevail

Cricket or a bird
Warbles on the edge of mind.
Does it speak to me?
Not a patch of sun;
Gray-green like melted crayons.
The sky is waiting.

A green moss forest
Complete with lush underbrush
In pot on my porch.
Clouds have become one;
Soft bright and blue gray blanket
Waiting to unload.
 Deep in the forest
Ripped plastic bloated garbage:
People and their trash.

Wispy thistle puff
Wriggles in the breeze to fly.
(That's its destiny).

Greens are subdued;
Forest path a sunless brown;
Yellow blooms prevail.

Like a pale white leaf,
Butterfly clings to a stem,
Rippling slightly.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Where is the Meridian?


End of the summer;
Where is the meridian?
(Hiding in bushes.)


 Gently, the leaves wave;
Saluting sun and breezes
With luminescence.

Pungent smell of Fall;
Olivia keeps eating;
Gentle breeze and light.


Shining Pampas plant
Bending slowly to the ground
Will soon kiss the earth.


Through the foliage
A wet mirror of a tree;
What's up and what's down?


A bird's or insect's
Soft warbling in the forest
Flows onto the road.

Hidden in the woods,
A young girl's anger rising
Dissolves into tears.

Rising from the rock
A young sapling bursts its way;
Verdant persistence.

The shadows beckon;
Promised moment of cool shade
Before the sun's blare.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blooming Pinnacle


Sole cricket's chirping
Playing against the chains saw--
Early autumn sounds.


Kitchen life goes on:
Lizzy eats her cereal;
I look out window.


Small white butterflies
Flutter among the flowers;
They're always seeking.


 Munching on some grass
Hungry Billy goat decides
He wants my camera.


 On reflected sky
Dead leaf lies on the car roof;
The clouds do not move.


By the fairy house
Black Eyed Susans congregate,
Silently staring.


 At top of mountain
The woods are singing softly
And the insects hum.


 On top of the stalk
Bright yellow flower blossoms:
Blooming pinnacle!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunshine Magician!


Sun falls after rain;
Mendelssohn on radio;
Flashing deer on road.


Across from my stream--
Jewel weed bushes flourishing;
Beacons of orange.

 Small blue lipped flowers
Pop up in front of my lawn;
Where did they come from?


There are two of them
Sitting cross legged on the lawn;
(Three, with strolling goat).


 Crab apple in tree,
Hard and pink against the sky--
A vault of tartness.

Lone Queen Anne's Lace ball
Props itself against the fence,
Cupping its treasure.

From under the road
A tiny green plant pops up;
Ignoring the odds.

Water sheen on leaves
Disappears before my eyes.
Sunshine magician!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Seem to Have Come from Nowhere

Flying through the sky
Fierce and phantom cloud spirit
Flees from the summer.

 Soft the shadows fall
Between patches of sunlight;
Bright leaves seem to smile.

Sitting, looking out--
So many things I can do--
Sitting, looking out.

Small yellow flowers
Seem to have come from nowhere
In pot on my porch.

Is it a statue?
Or someone meditating?
Or does it matter?

Voices chirp behind;
Two young boys on bicycles
Go streaming by me.

Delicate tendrils
Hold small pregnant bulbs above;
Just weeds on a pole.


"No Trespassing" sign
Wiped away by the shadows
And generous sun.

With weights in each hand
She jogs into the shadows
Humming to herself.