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Monday, January 30, 2012

All Light and Fury

Gray, blue, wintry morn;
Sun rise over snow patches;
Slight quiver in trees.

 Weed in flower pot
No longer blooms on the porch;
Will it wait 'til Spring?

Large dancing snow flakes
Billow through the frigid air.
Still, the rooster crows.

 While puddles turn ice
The stream still flows on bubbling;
Then more snow flickers.

 Broken tree branches
In the middle of the road
From last night's wind storm.

 Sun beams touch the woods,
Leaving patches of bright light
And glowing pine trees.

Something stirs in woods;
Dry leaves race across the road;

Is Giant coming?
 The wind is roaring
Even as the sun breaks out--
All light and fury.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping Their Secret

Gray, white and orange--
The colors of this morning;
Shifting each second.
Against the window
Under the steely blue sky
Crows soar through the air.


Woodpecker rattles
Under the steely blue sky
Crows soar through the air. 

Blank windows of shack
Stare blindly into the sun
Keeping their secret.
Under the ice sky
Green patches appear in woods;
Stream bed rises up.
Sun touches the trees;
Then, in a second, is gone,
Only to return.

A turkey gobble
Echoes out of the forest.
(Late for Thanksgiving?)
Garland of brown leaves
Crowning the prostrate dead log.
Triumph! Of the past.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Igniting the Woods

The blank afternoon--
Snow plows have become silent;
Entire world is white.
 Inside is cozy--
Whirring electrical sounds;
 Outside--just whispers.
Bare tree is grasping;
Its naked limbs touched by white,
Doesn't reach the sky.
Fence shadows on snow;
Black slats lie across the white;
Rifle echoes far.
 Two gloves on the road
Displaying their unique story,
Hold on the punch line.
 Footprints in the snow
Disappear without a trace
As does their owner.
 Belle carries the shoe
She never wants me to throw,
Just to admire.
Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch;
Crunch, thud, thud, crunch crunch, thud crunch;
Click, thud, crunch, thud, thud. 


Snow is washed away;
White still is on the fields and lawn;
Cars zip on clear road.
Sun breaks over hill;
Lights up brown patch on the lawn;
Gray light on table.
 Dirty snow boulder
Lies by the side of the road;
Rooster crows at sun.
Across the snow field
Two roosters keep on crowing;
Olivia moos.
Moving in dark barn
A shadow across the door--
Laurie feeds chickens.
Under the whiteness
Spreading dark patches emerge:
Short winter roll back.

On top of the hill
Puff of warm air cuts the cold
Just for an instant.



Shining through the mist
Sun makes shadows of the trees
Igniting the woods.



Friday, January 20, 2012

It's All Black and White

Vast cover of white--
First real snowfall of the year;
January's end.
 Lone figure on road;
Silhouette against the snow.
It's all black and white.
 My boots are crunching;
The snow plows have gone ahead;
Sky is crystal blue.
Sound of snow shovel
Scraping against the driveway--
Winter serenade.
The old dead blossoms
With the help of the snow storm
Have turned white again.
My old stump buddies,
Their dry mouths filled with snow
Have little to say.
The sign is faceless;
Message is covered with snow.
(Perhaps it's blank verse).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Color of Cold

Frigid cold outside;
Snow crystallized on the lawn.
What am I doing?

Gray tinge in the trees;
A frosty touch of winter--
The color of cold.
Two furry buddies
Exploring the cold white field;
Small one stops to bark.
So perfectly stacked--
Each piece of wood in its place,
Only to be burned.

A sorrowful sign:
Has anyone seen my cat?

Now it's curled with age.

Wood smoke rises straight;
Not the slightest breath of a breeze.
Wind comes through my mouth.

The stubborn dead leaves
Refuse to fall from the branch.
What is their problem?

Hot rage in the snow;
My angry thoughts keep me warm;
Woods are so silent.