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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Caped Crusader is Missing!

Last day of April;
Sun chases the clouds away,
But then they return. 

My untended lawn:
Plethora of blue flowers
Spring up upon it.

Fixed in the driveway
Black and white cat is frozen,
An alert statue.

Shimmer on the stream;
Gentle breeze shakes the water
Awakening it.

Cluster of yellow
Bursting bright at the stream side
Has no caretakers.

Spray of white flowers
Springs haphazard on a tree
As if scattered there.

Oh, where has he gone?
Caped crusader is missing!
(Leaving just his shirt)

Ravaged old phone pole
Has suffered endless nail bites
And woodpeckers too.

Friday, April 29, 2016

By Reckless Design

With mouth full of seeds
Cardinal looks around to check--
Always on his guard 

Coffee roasting smell
Fills the kitchen and my nose:
Morning has arrived.

Tulips on the lawn,
Dandelions around them--
A sprinkling of Spring.

Flat stain on the road.
Was it a living creature
Or discarded paint?

Dandelions share
Lawn and shadows with violets;
Both glow in the sun.

Stream bed's bare again;
It's still waiting for water;
Yet it wends its way.

Dandelion puff--
Small, but first of the season,
Soon will launch its seeds.

From walk of Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stump, straw and flowers
Occupy neighboring space
By reckless design.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Healers! Free of Charge!

Bright beckoning light
Fills the bushes and the lawn;
Flurry of birds feed.

Two eating, two waiting:
Birds wait their turns at feeder;
All's well with the world!

Shadows on my walk--
Mixture of air and earth,
Meeting on the slate.

Hoarse rooster crowing
Cuts through the morning silence;
Lone bird chirps softly.

Sky is crystal blue;
Neither cloud nor bird is seen.
Distant plane rumbles.

Three balls on the lawn--
Look! Nobody is playing;
(Juvenile flotsam).

Cluster of mullein
Growing wild in the field--
Healers! Free of charge!

Bird chirps distantly,
Mixing with the sun drenched leaves
And the singing woods.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Woodpecker Echoes

Woodpecker echoes
Rattle from far away place
Into my floor boards.

My gray waking mood
Lightened by the blooming tree
With its senseless white.

Chugging through the sky
Unseen above the gray clouds:
Helicopter sound.

Silhouetted trees
Disguise silhouetted birds
Singing their Spring song.

Patiently waiting--
Four garbage cans by the road.
They full or empty?

At his tree trunk door
Chipmunk freezes like statue,
Then hurries inside.

Amidst verdant leaves
Rusty needles on a tree:
Zombie evergreen!

Along the road side
Exploring hidden treasure
Bird hops place to place.