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Monday, May 30, 2016

Make Way for the New!


Rhododendron bursts
With its full violet splendor.
Lilacs have turned brown.

Memorial Day;
Sun is shifting with the clouds;
Small breeze lifts the leaves.

Buttercup lights up
The breezy cool gray morning.
A hoarse rooster crows.

Soft, pale,  and purple--
Clover springs up near the road.
(Enjoys the traffic?)

A single daisy
Although somewhat bedraggled
Shines her own fine lights.

Lilacs have turned brown,
Forsythia blooms long gone.
Make way for the new!

Perched on a broad leaf
A single drop of water
Holds sway like a king.

Stream bed is barren,
Yet the sky is full of rain.
When will the two meet?


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Boys and Girls and Cow

Summer is settling
Through the bright translucent leaves
Into warm softness.

Fly climbs the window
While facing through the glass wall.
(What is he thinking?)

Boy and girls and cow
Each enjoying their own world
On the sunny lawn.

First rhododendrons
Pop up--multicolored eggs 
Before they burst free.

Nestled in the green
Blue myrtle flower reclines
In late Spring languor.

Burst of pink color
In front of the empty house
Overfills the air.

Bulls eye in the road;
Somebody hit the target?
(What is the target?)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In a Verdant Key


New bloom in window;
Sweet smell of lilacs mixes
With roasting coffee.

Cluster flies cluster
In their suicide mission
On kitchen window.

Flat against window
Snowy white and unmoving:
Daytime evening moth.

Unwieldy pampas
Flowing in all directions
Create wilderness.

Mysterious slab
Propped on its edge in the light--
A blank sun dial.

Deaf cat on the lawn
Only turns its head towards me
When I walk past it.

Green on green on green
Forest sings its springing song
In a verdant key.

On the old mail box
Flowers have entwined themselves--
White softness on steel.

Bears have been busy
Overturned trash cans attest
To midnight pleasure.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birds Fly, Sail and Swoop

 Gray downcast day;
Cluster fly climbs up window;
All's well in the world.

Mysterious nest
Tumbled out of the porch light
As I changed the bulb.

Not a speck of sun;
Clouds have conquered the sky;
Birds fly, sail and swoop.

Collette on the grass
Nibbles the tender blades:
Bovine lawn mower.

Spring is surely here--
Buttercups and their bright light
Shed yellow presence.

With proboscis out
Honey bee sucks the juices
From the passive bloom.

All in a huddle
Three goats communicating
What only they know.

Lighting on the bloom
Honey bee fits its color;