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Monday, August 31, 2015

Blue Coronation

Haiku from August 30 and 31, 2015
Spider web ocean
Sails across kitchen window
From gray shore to shore.

The sun is hidden
Beyond a pale of gray clouds.
All seems so quiet.

Olivia bliss
As she sniffs Collette's behind--
Such bovine pleasure!

The hollyhock climbs
To crest the old wooden fence--
Blue coronation!


It's hiding the fence;
Soon it will all disappear--
Grass victorious!

 An ocean of green
Shines at the whim of the sun,
Blinking its bright eye.

Red, yellow and brown,
Lying in its own shadows:
A rotting apple.

The sky turns to gray;
A hush comes over the road.
The woods are praying. 

August 31, 2015

Flick of a cow's tail;
Distant twitch of a green leaf--
Yerry Hill morning.

 On my front porch
Large plant reaches for the sky;
(It is almost there.)

Dandelion grows
All alone on my front lawn.
(He's missed his season).

 All the clucking hens
Dash away as I approach.
The rooster is last.

Munched on mushroom;
Was it Alice took the bite?
Or the white rabbit?

Trapped by the spider,
Two leaves hang suspended.
You take what you get.

So pretty purple;
So protected by sharp thorns.
Look! But do not touch!

In the lazy heat
Two crows carry on a chat.
They seem so listless.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Conspiracies of Brown Leaves

Bright clear Autumn day
Green light pouring through the trees;
A car swishes past.


All is bright silence;
Even the birds are quiet;
The road beckons me.



Untouched wilderness
In a pot on my front porch;
Planted by no one.

Mowing the back lawn
There's no need for a machine.
Cow keeps on munching.

Where has my stream gone?
Lush green leaves hide it from me;
Just its shine remains.

On top of the trees,
Conspiracies of brown leaves
Plot to take over.

Heavy thistle droops
Under the weight of pod seeds
Before they take flight.

In front of the shack
Green wilderness emerges
To obscure it all.


Where Did the Head Go?

 Black eyed Susans stare
From just outside my back porch.
"Welcome Home," they say.


 First August haiku;
First journey back on my road;
First sunshine through leaves.


Pine cone on the road,
Held over from last winter.
(Doesn't know its place.)


 Perched on a thistle,
Bumble bee endures the spikes
For a summer sip.

Bright blue chicory
Always guarding the roadside
And autumn's onset.

Noon tip of the hat,
(But there's nothing underneath).
Where did the head go?

Ocean of cat tails
Swell in Yerry Hill tundra,
Far, far from the sea.

Glowing bright orange
Jewel weed plants brighten the shade
Drinking from the stream.


From a walk of Tuesday, August 25, 2015