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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going and Coming

Pine cones in the road;
Are they finished with summer?
Nearby, a dead bird.

Music from the van;
Distant, a goat bleats softly.
It all fades away.

A web in the field
Glistens sparkles from the dew.
(The sun will dry it).

Forest by the road;
Myriad of tiny trees
Scaled by brave insects.

Next to each other:
Thistle fluff--new Queen Anne's Lace--
Going and coming.

The forest quivers
With a gentle passing breeze.
The shadows flutter.

Dry, brown and bristly
A something lies on the road.
It once was alive.

Christmas ornament
Now hidden behind lush plants
Shines very feebly.

The two old stump friends
Face each other over plants

Unfazed by the change.

Glowing in the sun
Queen Anne's Lace begins to bloom
Sparse droplets of white.

Attached to nowhere
Rusty stove pipe peeks through trees;
Unwitting sculpture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darkness Yields to Light

Bright sun and blue sky;
Old red barn doors are open--
They stare vacantly.

The mottled green moss
Clings tightly to the tree trunk
Kissed by the shadows.

Two sides of the road:
On the other side, bright sunshine.
I walk through shadows.

Nestled in the tree
Small white fungus stakes its claim.
It has done its job.

Beyond the deep woods
A sunny verdant meadow.
Darkness yields to light.

The old woman squats,
Weeding and trimming her lawn.
(Grass grows by itself).

Hiding near the road--
Ripe blackberry peeks shyly.
Yummy! Sweet and sour.

Wings oscillating
Dragonfly perches on stem,
Lighter than feather.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Popping From Nowhere

Shiny the slate path;
Queen Anne's Lace after the rain;
Sun plays hide and seek.

A burst of yellow;
Satisfied clucking of hens;
Distant shot rings out.

Jewel weed near the stream--
Flecks of orange in the sun
Near the wet mirror.

The house is shuttered,
No small dog jumps in window:
Presence of absence.

Early yellow leaves
Lie languidly on the road;
Waiting for a car?

Popping from nowhere
Mushrooms congregate softly.
(Can anyone hear?)

Soft violet sumac;
Brilliant blue bachelor buttons;
Frilly white asters.

Now, when a breeze blows
It billows through the lush leaves
And then disappears.

Grasshoppers swirl up
Flying to a safer place
Unseen and unknown.