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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Silent Leaf Falls

Gray, damp day today;
Not a shaft of sunlight comes;
Weeds bloom on the porch.

Above the green bush
The leaves of the tree are brown.
Summer's really gone.

Last walk for a month;
How strange--comings and goings;
Goats watch my sadness.

Light brown protuberance--
New pine cones appear on tree.
They will rule winter.

Beyond the link fence,
A cluster of blue flowers.
Are they imprisoned?

They're no longer white--
Clusters of blooms on the bush;
Still, they're hanging on.

A gray soft blanket,
Above the trees and mountain,
Covering the sky.

Murmur in the sky:
Plane rumbles above the clouds;
A silent leaf falls.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clouds Over Mountain

Sun and clouds play tag,
Vying for light of the sky
And ruler of moods.

In the old garage
Blank windows stare at the trees
Who stare back at them.

How quiet my stream
That raged a few days ago.
Now it just eddies.

Clouds over mountain
Billow in the last day's light,
Bright, soft and fleeting.

Just two russet leaves
Spring from the trunk of the tree.
They are born dying.

Quiet sunlit road--
New Volkswagon races by
Thumping its music.

Top of the dry stalk
New yellow flowers burst forth.
(They are late bloomers).

Clouds pull together;
The road loses its sunlight;
Soft darkness descends.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Woods are Exhaling

First day of Autumn;
Sun plays lightly on the leaves;
Glowing hints of brown.

Shadows of flowers
Sitting on my porch table,
Mocking the sunshine.

Climbing the tree trunk,
Ivy reaches to the sky.
(Never will get there).

Brown leaf in myrtle;
Where did this stranger come from?
Autumn oracle.

Long past her mailbox
Which I forgot to notice.
Is this time special?

Spicy, musty smell
Touches me, then disappears.
Woods are exhaling.

Congress of mushrooms
Meeting below the dead tree,
Mute in the faint light.

They are everywhere:
Leaves suspended in their fall,
Their plunges at rest.

A slow steady pace
Takes the jogger up the hill.
Is he having fun?

Pet Watch car passes--
They took care of my Stella.
Presence of absence.

Now they're raining down:
The leaves from the still green trees,
To land silently.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where Does This Time Go?

Box glares in sunlight;
Outside a pink flower glows.
Ain't life wonderful?

Roasted coffee smell
Before I go out the door
To cool Fall morning.

Dead branch, blue flowers;
Sharp shadows on the old barn;
Not a sound is heard.

A faded half moon
Hangs in a crystal blue sky,
Over the tree tops.

Moving from shadows--
Two women and dog emerge;
Which of them came first?

The woods are silent,
Not even a bird chirping.
Where does this time go?

Caught in yellow leaves
The sunlight cannot escape,
But sings its freedom.

Mushroom on the road,
Strangely standing on its head.
Wait! It's an apple!.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where's the Miracle?

Kath with me today;
Company on haiku walk;
Always something new.

It's late afternoon--
Sun has moved over the lawn;
Now casts soft shadows.

On tips of the grass
Sun spreads the last light of day--
Glowing, pointy peaks.

In the wood's deep gloom
White flowers give off their light.
Thunder far away.

Now the sun has gone;
The road is covered with gray;
I hear our footsteps.


Bright morning sunshine
Touches the old spider web;
Blotches on the lawn.

Air purifier
Humming in the living room
Makes me want to sleep.

Dark timothy grass
Rises spectral from the field;
Absorbs the sunshine.

Dark and sunlit stream
Courses into the forest;
Its sound is muted.

Too fast for camera,
Leaves keep falling from the sky;
I will catch one yet.

Where's the miracle
On this sunny Fall morning?
It must be ahead.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Liquid Sounds are All Around

This walk is with tears--
Not from the sun or rain's end
But from my full heart.

My stream is raging;
Welling up with white water,
Roaring down the hill.

On the other side
A lake has formed in the woods
Where there were just trees.

Slow caw of a hen
Cautious in the breaking sun,
Between the two rains.

Gentle stream no more;
It obliterates the road
While jewel weed watches.

Waterfall in woods;
Liquid sounds are all around;
Road is glistening.

My furry cat friend
Comes down the road to greet me.
We meet so rarely.