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Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Bush Full of Drops

Crow cries in the mist;
Gray snow patches on the ground;
Cool air is vacant.

Drops hang from branches
Suspended and transparent;
A car swishes past.

Clear drops are hanging
On the rhododendron leaves
And the evergreens.

One delicate drop
Hung at the end of the branch.
I touched--it vanished.

A bush full of drops
Grows by the side of the road--
Each drop transparent.

Zealous woodpecker
Seems to be building a cave
In the passive tree.

Under the water
Trees grow in patches of sky;
Magic roadside pond.

Dim, dark forest path
Becomes shadowed fairy land
With the sun's magic.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hand in Hand they Walk

The trees are silent;
Are they waiting now for me?
Why are they waiting?

Bright sun in morning;
Not a breeze stirs the tree limbs.
Wait! The wind chimes sway.

Hand in hand they walk:
Father-daughter on the road--
Trust and innocence.

Wheeling her barrow
Susan crosses her front lawn--
Her morning routine.

Luminescent grass
Guards the walkway to the house
Where nobody lives.

Forest is singing
Its high pitched tuneless rhythms.
Dark shadows lie still.

Line in roadside pond--
Is it shadow or substance?
Sunlight's not telling.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Against the Pale Sun

Just patches of snow;
Just pale green grass underneath;
Just the freezing cold.

Gray and white merging
Into a winter pastiche;
No sunshine breaks through.

Munching contented
Collette turns, gives me a look
Then back to munching.

Now the solar sign
Is buried in the snow bank
Covered with gray snow.

Stark trampoline stands,
Its feet covered with old snow;
Near empty lawn chairs.

On verge of falling:
Dead tree held by its neighbor
Suspended in air.

Kindred reflections
In the icy roadside pond--
One opaque and one clear.

Against the pale sun
Silhouetted tree stands out
In gray morning light.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Motionless Dance

Blankets of snow now;
Dark shadows fall on the ground.
Black and white surround.

Soft clods of snow drop;
Wind chimes swaying silently
In the noiseless breeze.

The two cows standing
Mark the sunshine motionless
On this warm sunny morn.

Light and water flow
In the brisk bubbling stream.
Ice has disappeared.

Burping up the hill,
Loader precedes truck of rocks.
(What are they doing?)

In the white forest
Shadows play upon the snow--
A motionless dance.

Emerging from the snow
Like an archaic creature
Or rising pagoda.

Pole, snow pile shadows:
All stand still and silently
In the winter warmth.

Monday, January 09, 2017

No Breeze Stirs the Evergreens

Kitchen window scene,
Almost same as yesterday.
Fluff of a squirrel's tail.

Slight creaking upstairs--
Aseema is awake now.
(The creaking has stopped).

Collette stands outside
While Olivia munches.
And life goes on.

Jumble of cut wood
Lying in the snow bank
Providing no heat.

Torn fence and brambles
Are embraced in a tangle--
Lost expectations.

In the frozen woods
No breeze stirs the evergreens--
Even birds are still.

Roadside pond is still:
Transparent water replaced
With opaque gray ice.

Bowing to the road
Evergreen sapling endures
Its winter trial.