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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Drink of Summer

High noon and it's cold;
Sun is breaking through the trees;
Brisk wind shakes leaves
Dead leaves litter lawn--
Brown detritus of Autumn;
More keep on falling.
A beacon of red 
Shines up amidst the dead brown:
A lone last clover. 

Autumn is shadows,
Shadows and falling dead leaves,
And crushed fuzzy bears.
Thistle is blooming;
A lone bee buzzes softly:
Last drink of summer.
Old stump is concealed
By dead brown and live green leaves;
The leaves keep falling.

Shadow on the rail--
Pale rail and very bright sun;
Still the falling leaves.

Sitting on the lawn,
Framed by the sun and shadows,
Children in their class.

This was created on my walk of Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Am Lost No More

Last day of summer;
Temperature is forty-three;
I put on my coat.
Sun drenches the field;
It is pulling away now;
It's not very warm.
Alfred has returned;
He joins his mom for breakfast;
He's a big boy now.

By the running stream:
Dead leaves and white blooms;
The waters rush on.
Bright is the roadway;
Dark are the woods next to it;
Light plays side by side.
Chipmunk runs across;
I know that he's watching me
With upraised tail.
I am lost in thought;
Acorn bounces off my head;
I am lost no more.
Whooshing of the wheels;
Car announces its approach;
Then, Swish! It's past me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You Dear Chickens


Hens peck on my side lawn;
Peck. Peck. Goodbye ticks;
Thank you, dear chickens.

Shiny shades of green;
Rabbit stands still on my lawn;
Cars flash in distance.

It's roaring again--
Stream tumbles past my window,
Thirsty since summer.

Framed by dark wetness
Flat green leaf lies on the road;
Brown leaves skitter past.

Rushing water sounds
Push forward relentlessly
In the silent woods.

Mottled in the woods:
Leaves yellow, brown, shades of green;
Sun dapples the road.

Alien color
Peeks out from under dead leaf--
A red plastic straw.

Flowing roadside stream
Sparkles in the morning sun;
Mirrors in the shade.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sun and Wind Conspire


Breeze shakes the sunshine;
Light dances on my table;
Breakfast is waiting.
 Translucent leaves shake
In the cool Autumn breezes.
Sun and wind conspire.
Exotic sweet smells
Float towards me in the brisk breeze.
What flowers are they?
Busy buzzing bugs
Must think I'm a flower.
They've got the wrong bloom.
Blue asters peep out
Through the steel bars of the fence.
"Help! We're imprisoned."
Would it be so bad
If these shitty little bugs
Took a vacation?
A ghost in the woods--
White stallion standing looks at me
Here in the wild east.
Sun and clouds play tag;
I like it when the sun wins
And my face grows warm.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trying to Eat Flies

Gleam on the table
Making a splash of sunshine;
Outside: morning dew.
Light of the morning
Slowly sweeps across the lawn;
Tree limbs wave softly.
Olivia sits
Taking her morning sun bath;
Trying to eat flies.
Rooster crows loudly;
Silver tassels dance in the breeze;
Faint clucking of hens. 

King goose struts with head held high;
Beak touches the sky.
Spider web reaches
But grabs the edge of the fence.
(The fence doesn't mind).
Electric lines flow
Parallel down the mountain
And up another.
The road is dim now--
Gray clouds have conquered the sun;
Was it ever out?