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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Eternity Now!

Will it never end--
This luscious,warm Fall weather?
It seems eternal.

Twinkle in the sun--
Spider web strands shake and shine.
Never a spider.

Last green in the Spring;
Last turning orange in Fall.
Tree has its own time.

Lone crow walks the road
Just like a pedestrian;
(Until a car comes)

A delicate weave--
Slender, silver, fluffy strands:
Pampas tapestry.

Coal black and alone--
Rotten tree stump still standing--
Decay's dignity.

Three crows on a tree;
They sit still like black statues.
Then one flies away.

Suspended in air,
Leaf is caught by my camera:
Eternity now!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Is the Grass Greener?

A single brown leaf
Floating down past my window
Causes no ripples.

Dead leaf lying still
In rhododendron's embrace
Looks like its at home.

Collette cranes her neck
To other side of the fence.
(Is the grass greener?)

Pregnant milkweed pod
Opens in the bright sunlight
Revealing its child.

The road is silent--
Only a soft tuneless voice
Whispered by the woods.

Even sharp thistles
Become soft, white and silken
To send forth new life.

Shadows on the trees,
Sharper than the leaves, themselves,
Carve distinct darkness.

Soft tap tapping;
Distant thrum of unseen plane;
Then silence returns.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

And Yet Together

Sun bright through the trees
Shimmer on the Queen Anne's Lace here;
My garden of weeds. 

A humming some place;
Soothing mechanical sound;
Then, monotony. 

What are they eating
With bovine intensity?
Some luscious dead leaves.

Silhouetted crow
Watches with his bird's eye view.
Then he flies away.

Not here yesterday;
Today, a field of mushrooms;

Son swings--father kneels;
Each in his own universe
And yet together.

Crab apples hanging;
No one will ever eat them--
They just drop and rot.

Orange below green:
Single tree in two seasons.
The bending of time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Clinging for Dear Life

Gentle sunlight falls
Sharpening the foggy gray;
Softening the day.

Mechanical arms
Lift up the two large trash cans;
Robots have arrived.

Tiny blue asters
Grow among the goldenrod,
Unbidden by me.

Thousand unborn blooms
Still nestle in their mother,
Clinging for dear life.

Small mushroom tower,
Springing up at the road side,
Shaggy, white and proud.

Framed by the tall trees
Gray sky becomes a pallet--
Soft shifting painting.

From the dark forest--
Steady monotonous chirp;
(Bird or animal?)

 "My feet are hurting;"
"Did I leave on distiller?"
(I turn and return.)

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Small Jogger Jogs

A single leaf falls
Floating swiftly towards its end;
Then others follow.

Time of falling leaves
At all angles of my sight;
They come in short bursts.

 Two small bites
On the rhododendron leaves--
Some other's breakfast.

Olivia's head
Where Collette's ass has just been;
Some bovine magic!

Beneath the billows
Of the great vibrant tree
The small jogger jogs.

One sign and one light
Transform the long dirt driveway.
A small miracle!

Clean, bright and ghost white,
Mushrooms cling to the tree trunk;
An angel's harvest.

Dry puddle of leaves
Lies at the side of the road:
An Autumn pavement.