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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Do They See The Trees?

Today's my birthday
And Monday is my cysto.
Mortality calls.

Buried in a bloom
Honeybee gathers himself--
Rhododendron home.

With mouths wide open
They can do nothing but wait
(And grow and fly off)

Log is mottled green;
Lichen has found a new home
On the cut down tree.

Growing wild and new
A carpet growing and blue
Just outside the fence.

Ivy doesn't know
As it climbs over the fence
What its limits are.

Constantly chatting
The two friends pass me by twice.
(Do they see the trees?)

Delicately borne
A new fern is arising,
A thousand years old

Armed guards stand
Their fierce swords pointed all ways.
Beware! Do not touch!

Thunder and lightning fall--
Ice descending with water--
A late Spring abyss.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Was it Yesterday?

Was it yesterday
That the grass was guillotined?

Green light flows freely
And then it shifts to dimness
In flash of a thought.

Robin's back again
Answered by a fainter peep.
Protecting his young.

Field of buttercups
Each one shedding its own light
In the morning sun.

Beyond the swift stream
A jungle of greenery
Hidden in plain sight.

At top of the tree
Yellow oriole is perched--
Its own pedestal.

A furry statue
Stands by the side of the road.
Poof! And then it's gone.

Beginning or end?
These flowers don't five a clue.
(They do not need to.)

Friday, May 26, 2017

(Might Just Float Away)

The last lilac blooms;
Rhododendron takes over;
Robin screeches at me.

Forsythia bush
Has become nothing but green.
White blooms are long gone.

Where is the birds nest?
Robin tries to attack me
With his flights and cries.

Sun and clouds dancing
Moving slowly in and out
Shed shadows and dim.

Birds are all around
Chirping from trees and bushes.
Bugs fly in my mouth.

Bouquet of light blue
Grows ethereal off road.
(Might just float away).

Rotting mother logs
Burst alive in the late Spring
With fungus and moss

Bright yellow beacons--
These flowers illuminated
The gray dim morning.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Bovine Tableau

Rhododendron bulbs
Burst to tiny penises
From winter's covering.

Bunny on the lawn
Hops, freezes, then hops again; 
Study in motion.

Collette reaches high
While Olivia ponders; 
A bovine tableau.

Air is full of sounds--
Birds chirp from all directions.
(What are they saying?)

Early timothy
Starts its long blooming season.
(Nothing to sneeze at?)

Sucking sweet juices
He hums among the flowers
Busy as a bee.

The guests were quite rude,
They threw their food all about;
Left without goodbye.

Lavender Wonder 05192017 and 05201017

May 19, 2017

Lavender wonder!
The sweet lilacs are blooming
At the edge of the porch.

A swift summer's breeze
Swings the bright light and green leaves
Then recedes to ripples.

Up through the porch planks,
Moving swiftly towards the sky--
Fearless blue flowers.

Dandelion puffs
Sway slightly in the breeze,
Waiting to depart.

Stream water shimmers
Under canopy of leaves
Murmuring softly.

Extends forever--
Dappled woods and its sunshine,
Always beckoning.

Lying in shadows
Discarded piece of seat belt,
Holding no one in.

Bridge with no water
Spans across its own shadow
On this hot May day.

Walk of May 20, 2017

Lilacs on the side;
Lavender scent fills the air--
A burst of sunlight.

Color surrounded--
Purple, violet, blue (on lawn)--
Free gifts from nature.

Sun in its third eye,
Owl totem leans on the tree--
It's watchful waiting.

Enveloped by blooms
The two cows mow the front lawn.
(It's bovine duty.)

Shadow sculptured hill
Carefully guards its contents:
Collected sewage.

Lonesome mourning dove
Hoots from the forest distance
Soft unspoken tears.

Sun slips through the clouds
Painting shadows round the bend;
Then the shadows go.

A splash of white paint?
Or a dollop of bird shit? 
Art on the pavement.

Pale mailbox puppy
Watches blankly from his perch--
Sees and says nothing.