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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Heading Who Knows Where?

                                                      From  walk of February 22, 2017

Strange figure watches
Through a veil of reflections--
Does it reflect me?

Gray sky in morning;
Is today Lincoln's birthday?
(I always forget.)

Red car swishes past,
Flashing against brown and white.
Plants are not amused.

Streams barely moving
On other side of the road;
Spring comes so slowly.

With laconic "caw"
Crow sails slowly through the sky,
Heading who knows where?

Filthy snow bank sits
At the end of the driveway--
Winter detritus.

The lazy stream bed
Turns into liquid mirrors
Reflecting the Spring.

Melting at their base
Trees begin to shed winter,
Drinking in moisture.

Single patch of snow
Sits under rock on the hill;
Shade, cool (for now).

From walk of February 24, 2017

Snow is receding;
No longer blanket of white;
Brown is arriving.

Small birds pecking
At anything that they can--
Hunger--no reason.

Distant geese calling

Through the warm and misty air;

Unseen like phantoms.

A trio of birds
Silhouetted on the tree
Watch--always watching.

Solar sign is blocked;
Its message has been obscured--
Mud wins over sun.

Suddenly the sun
Illuminates the road;
Then, the gray returns.

Dead leaves on snow bank
Lighting up the filthy snow.
(It's all relative.)

Old rusty trash can
Ventilated with small holes
Blends in with the woods.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Heading for Springtime

Plant drips on the floor;
Too much water--just make it stop.
I'm not in control!

Dripping icicles;
Bright shadows on the snow;
It's getting warmer.

A blur of wild geese
Sails over the melting pond,
Heading for Springtime.

Under stream water:
Shapes of leaves and twigs appear.
Shadow or substance?

Dark patches of brown
Spread slowly through the forest;
Overtaking white.

Layer of light brown
Spreads out upon the white snow--
Epitaph for tree.

Perched high in the air
Spurting clouds of ground up wood--
Tall tree and small man.

Ice, snow and water;
Transitions in the forest
As melting begins.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Game of Darknessandlight

Birds pecking on snow;
Black spots across the white--
Action in stillness.

Squirrel at the feeder
Devours all that is there;
Then scurried away.

In the bright sunshine
Bare tree reclaims dimensions--
All three of them.

High in the blue sky
Cirrus clouds hang motionless
Waiting for a breeze.

Staring at unknown
Empty backyard snow filled bench,
Lit up by the sun.

Snow, sun and shadows
Play together in the woods
Game of darknessandlight.

"Out! Keep Out! Keep Out!'
Signs admonish empty woods.
Overhead, crows laugh.

Lazy snow creature
Sits silently on the stump,
Just waiting to melt.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Errands Etched in Snow

Outside all is blank;
Then, for an instant, sunshine--
Just for an instant.

Shadows on the snow;
Outside the blankness of white
With dark dimensions.

Long pillars of ice
Hang from the edge of my roof--
Crystalline and bright.

The path is beaten
To the barn and back again:
Errands etched in snow.

Framed by the tall trees
Clouds move imperceptibly
Across the blue sky.

Sprouting from the snow
Dead branches imitate life
In deep winter's freeze.

Shadows in the woods
Mix darkly with the sunshine;
Then both fade away.

Sawdust on the ground;
The loud sound of buzzing saws--
Work crews are busy.