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Friday, June 02, 2017

Clucked Self Importance

Like a folded leaf
Moth is attached to the screen
Never to exit.

Mad dogs? Englishmen?
It's almost the noon day sun;
What am I doing?

Will the sun come out?
It has been tantalizing.
Spring ambivalence.

Where have the cows gone?
No moos and just dark shadows--
Presence of absence.

Pecking in the field
Chickens have a busy air--
Clucked self importance.

Tiny honey bee
Sucks from yellow buttercup;
(Loves him; loves him not).

Gilda meditates?
Or just doesn't want to go
Where the gun shots sound.

Sprouting from the rock
Three young saplings spring upward.
(How do they do that?)

An undeterred bird
Struts across the wide roadway--
No fears and no cars.

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